What about gluten?

In 2009 I had a food allergy test done, and the results were that wheat was a moderate allergy and rye was a high allergy. 

As a result, I have gone through periods of being entirely gluten free, very selective with my gluten intake, and also not worrying about it at all.

Currently, having a new little one to take care of, I am less strict about worrying about my gluten intake. That being said, I don't ever buy white or whole wheat flour for home use. I use spelt flour instead. And more commonly, I bake with rice, brown rice, or oat flour. My main gluten consumption comes from local organic whole grain sourdough, and the occasional meal or treat out.

Check out my post about gluten HERE.

You often post about Japan - Why is that?

Short answer: I love it. Amazing country. Go. Long(er) answer: T and I lived there for two years (2009-2011) and it was exceptional. I feel very grateful for the experience. We lived in a small town in the countryside of Ehime, and the produce, the air, and the nature was simply amazing. I was well into Macrobiotics then, so getting to experience the roots of the philosophy and lifestyle, via real Macrobiotic cafes and restaurants, and via Japanese culture was very wonderful for me. Also, finally being able to see and purchase and use all the ingredients I had been reading about in my Macrobiotic books was phenomenal.


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