Favourite. Cookies. Ever.

My dear sweet Nana arranged for my favourite cookies in the whole world to be shipped
 from Switzerland to me in Japan, for Christmas.
 You can read a bit about their history here.
And here. (you can order them from the orginialy lackerli house).
Why do I love them so much?
Well, when I first tasted them as a child, it was love at first bite.
They have an amazing texture. Hard on the outside, chewy on the inside. 
But, they actually get better with time as they age and get really really hard. They were made originally for the army, to be stored for a long time. You can dip them in tea like a biscotti. 
I think I also liked them as a child so much because they often come in a cool square tin, with a different design every year. My mom saved all the tins, and every year we'd put our Swiss christmas baking in the big square lackerli tins. As a child a big part of what I knew of my Swiss heritage was from these yummy cookies sent to us from Basel, from our relatives.
Now, I appreciate them even more because they are vegan, and because I still just love almonds and honey.
When I was in Canada, I made my own version, using spelt flour and substantially less sugar and honey. 
They turned out fabulous (poor photo, sorry). 
Mmm.... the original are almost impossible to beat, though:
Have you ever tried Basler Lackerli?
Do you have a recipe from your family that is really important?