I have been just LOVING nishime-style veggies lately.

If you haven't ever tried making veggies like this, then please do.

You won't regret it!

It's quite simple to do: it's just cooking layered veggies, with a tiny bit of water, for a long time. They're very lightly seasoned with sea salt or shoyu.  But, the veggies become soft and buttery like no other technique i've ever tried. Parsnips and Carrots become extra sweet and yummy. In fact, T & I often have to rock paper scissors for the last piece of parsnip.

The one below was made with leeks, daikon, carrots & parsnip. It cooked have cooked down a little more so there was less liquid left, but I was in a bit of a rush.


Served with a really lazy "brown rice ball" and steamed greens.


Served with steamed greens, and millet soup with pinto beans and corn.

Here's a link to the recipe I usually use.

It's from The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobioticsby Jessica Porter.

I don't often cook with onions, so I subbed some leeks in, instead.

Coming this week: a recap of my lifestyle & diet SPRING CLEANING experience.

What's your favourite nishime combination?

Typical Macrobiotic Eats.

Whole Grains + Vegs = happy tummy & happy mind.

I plan my daily meals around these two things.
Then I add in some root veggies, round/ground veggies, and some greens.
This is often enough, as is.
But for variety and to make sure I get protein, I have some beans or fish, and nuts & seeds.
And for minerals and flavour, some seaweed.
Here was my lunch the other day:
Nishime-style Root Veggies
 Comforting and soothing. 
Boil for a long time in a small amount of water.
 Add a bit of kombu and tamari for flavour.
Very grounding.
Crispy steamed kale. 
A burst of spring, and some upward moving energy.
Brown rice.
Pressure-cooked to perfection.
The backbone of the meal.
Garnished with tamari-roasted pumpkin seeds.
Perfection in a bowl.

How can something so simple & so healthy be so drool-worthy?

Tip: drink the water left from steaming your veggies. 
A delicious and warm way to get all your vitamins!