A quickie.

T & I had a flashback to our Japan days while eating dinner the other night.

A quickie.


Japanese Mushrooms

from the

Asian Supermarket

are the star of this simple stir fry.

Very loose directions:

SautΓ© some minced ginger and a sliced green onion in a teeny bit of toasted sesame oil.

Add in 2 packages of 



Let them cook for a few minutes with the lid on. 

The mushrooms let go of a lot of liquid and create a bit of a sauce. 

Add in some cut up carrots and daikon, and a tiny splash of tamari.

Put the lid back on and sautΓ© / steam for a few minutes.

Add in broccoli stems for a few minutes, along with a tiny bit of water.

Add in the broccoli crowns.

Last but not least, add in some kind of green---I'm going to say collards, but any will do!

Simple, fast, and delicious.

We ate it with brown rice (duh).

A quickie.

We ate this almost every week night while we were living in Japan.

We tried many different vegetable combos, and different kinds of mushrooms.

We never got sick of it, because the different kinds of mushrooms give SO much flavour.

What's do you like to put in your stir fry?

What's your favourite kind of mushroom?

Mushroom Leek Gravy

A rainbow of colourful vegetables provide the perfect crunch, in-between bites of creamy mushroom leek gravy covered brown rice.

Mushroom Leek Gravy

Leeks are a new-to-me vegetable. I tend to not eat many onion-family vegetables, usually only stepping into the territory with the occasional green onion. But since signing up for an organic veggie box delivery every two weeks, I decided to give them a try.

Mushroom Leek Gravy

I decided to explore. Create something new.

I had some brown rice, and steamed veggies, and wanted something a little more rich and creamy. Something with a bit of comfort factor. And it needed to take less than 20 minutes to make, because I was hungry.

Mushroom Leek Gravy

Mushroom Leek Gravy


  • 1/2 pound mushrooms of your choice, sliced
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
  • 2 leeks (washed, bottom beard cut off, and sliced into thin rings)
  • 2 teaspoons thyme
  • 1 Tbsp tamari
  • 1.5 cup water
  • 1.5 Tablespoons arrowroot powder (or kuzu)


  1. Add 2tsp sesame oil to pan, and heat to medium-high.
  2. When the pan sizzles, add in the leeks, and let saute for about 5 minutes until browned.
  3. Stir in the mushrooms, and the thyme.
  4. Place a lid on top, and let saute for about 8 minutes. Checking every few minutes, adding a bit of water if sticking.
  5. Add in the tamari, and let cook about a minute.
  6. Pour in 1.5 cups water.
  7. Dilute the arrowroot in a bit of cold water, stirring out any lumps. Add to pan.
  8. Let cook another 5 minutes or so, stirring frequently until gravy is thickened.
  9. Add in the 1 tsp toasted sesame oil for flavour.
  10. Serve over top brown rice and steamed veggies (recommended vegs: broccoli, carrots, daikon).
Mushroom Leek Gravy
Mushroom Leek Gravy


To steam veggies;

Place daikon and carrot chunks in an inch of water in a pot. Add a teeny pinch of salt. Bring to boil with lid on. Add in broccoli. Let cook for about 2-3 minutes. That's it!

Brown Rice:

If you need to know how to make brown rice, check out

this post for boiling method,


this post for pressure cooking


Mushroom Leek Gravy

Lucky me---my veggie box is coming this week. This one is definitely a repeat :) 

One of my favourite ingredients:

Japanese Mushrooms!
The mushrooms in Japan are the tastiest I've ever had! In the produce section of almost every grocery store, you can find at least 5 different types of mushrooms. The larger ones at the front of the photo are giant shitake mushrooms (I can't remember the names of the ones at the back, but they are delicious). There are usually at least 3 different types of shitake mushrooms alone! I also love maitake and enoki mushrooms. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
I use mushrooms all the time in cooking. They are a staple in quick stirfrys. And lately about once a week, I have been making thai green curry. We use lots of mushrooms, and don't need anything else!

I have also enjoyed making a simple creamy vegan mushroom sauce:

  • heat ~1tbsp sesame oil in a frying pan
  • Add in a whole bunch of mushrooms (I usually use about 3 packages of musrooms, about the amount shown in the photo)
  • Saute away.... adding in some pepper and a pinch of salt
  • If you like, you can also add in ~2 TBSP of nutritional yeast to give the sauce a cheesy flavour
  • Once the mushrooms have cooked down, add in 1/2-1 c. of milk, or a milk alternative. I have tried it with soy milk
  • Let the milk boil down
  • Serve on top of brown rice

Do you like mushrooms? What's your favourite mushroom recipe?

Great Eats This Past Week instead of spending my time blogging this past week, I spent my time preparing, cooking, and enjoying delicious food.

Starting out with last weekend, here are some photos:

Unfortunately (fortunately...hehe) I enjoyed a delicious latte, made with unsweetened almond milk, dark italian espresso, and flavoured with a bit of honey and cinnamon.

I then moved onto what looks like a typical macrobiotic breakfast: greens, squash, veggies, and rice with seaweed and seeds! Macrobiotic breakfasts are definitely wonderful at re-balancing the body (especially after indulging in a massively wonderful latte).

Posting the photo reminds me of how much I enjoyed that latte, but also how CRAZY I felt after drinking it! I drank that bad boy down, and then did a quite intensive yoga practice at home. My body was definitely not used to such a large amount of caffeine, and while in some ways I felt that it made me more open in my practice (easier to bind in some poses), I was sweating like crazy, and actually felt quite light headed. I tried to just move through the coffee-party going on in my nervous system, but I actually got so light headed and jittery that in the middle of the seated postures I had to get up and eat a bit of brown rice I had in the fridge, just to calm my body down. So...lesson learned: coffee tastes wonderful, but should be enjoyed in SMALL quantities, or perhaps not very often at all, or at least eaten with something hearty to balance it out. are a few snacks I enjoyed:

Yes. That's right. When I get desperate I snack on frozen veggies. And you know what? They are DELICIOUS! Frozen corn and peas taste wonderfully sweet, and are crunchy enough to trick my mind into thinking that i'm eating something bad for me. You should try it!

Looks like I also made some cocoa-oats, with some pear cooked in with it.
Step 1: Mix up cocoa powder, spices (i'm guessing my usual: loads of cinnamon, and a sprinkle of cayenne). Add a bit of water or cold liquid, sometimes I used almond milk or amasake until it can be stirred into a paste.

Step 2: Then boil pears/apples on the stove, after ~5 mins add in oats and oatbran and cook until desired thickness. Then stir into cocoa-liquid-delicious-paste in bowl, and top with whatever your heart desires:

Looks like this one had some COCOA BLISS thrown on top. I can't keep my paws off of that stuff (see previous post). It is SOOOO good. It melts into the oatmeal and blends perfectly. And it also tastes great off the spoon, for a morning kick before yoga!

Looks like the next day I also had a macro-oriented breakfast (I really do need to branch out):

Ooooh!! Then I had a China Town Adventure and came home with some great goods:

Check out the monstrous bag of Dried Mushrooms (Witches' Butter or Snow Fungus): mushrooms have great healing properties in Chinese Medicine, and are known to balance blood sugar, detox the liver, and stimulate T-cells (relating to our immune system).

I also picked up some longan berries which are great for calming nerves and helping sleep problems. And how could I resist the best priced, and FRESHEST, softest, reddest goji berries in town!?? Goji berries are wonderful for the liver, eyes, and digestion!

The next morning was ABSOLUTELY perfect:
While I was doing yoga, some beautiful bunnies (correct term: hares) decided to spend some time outside my balcony eating grass and playing. As if yoga couldn't get any better!? Yoga plus bunny-watching!? A match made in heaven.

Then I decided to cook up one of those weird dried mushrooms I bought the day before>. You just soak them in some luke-warm water for 5-10 minutes, then steam or boil for a few minutes. If I remember correctly, I added them ontop of my usual quick-boiled breakfast veggies. Although it wasn't displayed, i'm sure my usual rice bowl was lurking there somewhere.

Looks like I also had to have some COCOA-BLISS oats with COCONUT BUTTER on top. As if Artisana Cocoa Bliss wasn't the best thing ever!?? Well, it was so good that I went back to the store and bought the coconut butter. I'll post a picture later of it. It is 100% coconut. Not just the oil. All it is is blended coconut, and it tastes FABULOUS!

Later on, sometime in the week? Can't remember when exactly, I made a green smoothie Even though it doesn't look green, it was filled with delicious ingredients.

"Green Smoothie"
Blend up the following, and enjoy out of a fun-shaped glass:
Large handful of spinach
1 banana
1 pear
handful of frozen berries
squeeze of lemon
a bit of water
1/4 of an avocado

SATURDAY MORNING markets are my favourite!
I woke up and looked in my fridge. Although my brain was telling me otherwise, what I really and truly wanted was something simple, and satisfying, to take me through the yoga class I had to teach. So I ate some brown rice with flax oil. Nothing fancy, but truly great.

I was just about to leave, but my HORRIBLE chocolate addiction won out, and I tasted some great chocolate I picked up the night before.

I am a chocolate snob---I can only enjoy dark chocolate. I usually don't even like 70% too much because I find it too sweet. But I was at an earth-friendly store the other day, and I had never seen this brand of chocolate before, so I thought i'd give it a whirl. It was truly delicious, and the cocoa nibs on the bottom were DIVINE.

This little beauty gave me some glorious yoga-teaching energy, and I can't wait to try another one soon!
Before my class, I had time to run to the Saturday Farmer's Market.

I forgot to take a photo of my stash right away, so the photo is from now, with half the stuff gone. I left with:

* a GIANT buttercup squash, which I am so excited to try
* 2 beautiful blue bowls handmade by this cute couple
* some THAI basil (which will show up in the stir-fry photos next)
* some new green called tat soi, which is kinda like bok choy
* a big ass bag of carrots
* some beets
* and a bag of baby red potatoes for my boy-wonder

I came home from class, and for lunch me and my guy made another "green smoothie" and decided to use my glorious new bowls for a light lunch of organic blue corn tortilla chips, homemade guacamole, and salsa. The lovely glass of milk in this photo was for my guy. It looks so good---sometimes I do miss that creamy consistency that milk provides. Nothing can really replace dairy and get that same texture.

We went for a LOVELY walk through the river valley, and camped out on a blanket in the sun for hours. After spending 5 hours outside, we were ravenous, and came home to make a thai-inspired stir fry:

In the mix was:
- ginger
- lemon grass
- cayenne
- canned straw mushrooms
- canned baby corn
- canned bamboo strings (they were out of the shoots)
- LOTS of fresh thai basil from the market
- a can of light coconut milk

We enjoyed this served over lots of brown rice! mmmmm sooo good! nom.nom.nom.
so much good food...