Some food for thought. Or rather, thoughts on food.

I've been thinking about something a lot lately: 

I think it's really important to remember that there is no food that is inherently "bad" & no food that is inherently "good." 

Often, Macrobiotics can appear as a strict regime eliminating most foods that people are used to eating and creating strong rules about what not to eat.  

But, that isn't so, friends!  Simply, food is food, and different food creates different physical & mental effects. These effects vary from person to person, your lifestyle, and also vary depending on the season & your geographic location, etc.

There are many ways to look at these varying effects, & Macrobiotics classifies foods on a yin/yang spectrum. Yin foods are expansive, they are great when it's hot out, and they also allow creativity to flow. Too much yin though, and you can be left feeling cold & jittery. Yang foods are more contracting; they are great for focused work, and good to eat when it's cool outside. But again, too much yang isn't good either, as you'll end up rigid and angry, and brittle like a twig! Foods that are in the middle of the spectrum have a even energy. But again: no food is bad, and no food is good. They just hold different energies, and once you know this, you can use food to choose the kind of energy you need or want. Macrobiotics is about choices, and is meant to gear you up to be able to eat freely and live the biggest life you can!

The most important thing to include in your diet is awareness: listening to your body feedback system. 

 For myself, I couldn't help but notice that eating certain foods made me feel really really crappy. That's how I got on this path in the first place. Eventually, I got an allergy test and it simply confirmed I was allergic to the things I already "knew."

BUT, you don't need a test: after you eat, listen to what your belly & body is saying. If it's not a good feeling, and this feeling is consistent, then maybe it's time to give your belly a rest and ease off that food.  If you feel great, then keep doing what you're doing!

And don't forget another part of the equation:



You could be eating all the most amazing "superfoods" in the world, but if you are grumpy, sad, and unhappy eating them, they won't do you any good. When you feel like that, you won't absorb the good, your digestion will suck, and you won't process & metabolize the food properly. 

If you are happy, relaxed, and excited to eat what's in front of you, then your body actually prepares itself to digest, assimilate, metabolize and process it efficiently. This includes yummies like ice cream or chocolate cake: if you are really happy to eat it, and truly enjoy it while you do, you'll probably feel better afterwards than if you were eating oatmeal when you're upset.  {And no, i'm not here to promote the ice cream only diet, but am simply encouraging you to really enjoy your treats & your oatmeal, when have them!}

I have personally experienced way less upset belly eating foods that i'm even allergic to, when I eat them with joy! I have also experienced feeling crappy after eating macro food while upset.

So, eat what you like! Enjoy what you're eating. The recipes I put on here, are on here because I truly love & enjoy them.

If you really love baked goods, choose the ones you really really want, perhaps homemade from scratch or from a delicious bakery, and then savor & enjoy them! There's a reason why "French women don't get fat," and that's because they savor what they eat, and feel great about it, without worrying about how much butter or sugar there is in it. It is just as possible to be unable to lose weight while strictly dieting & restricting your food choices as it is possible to be light in the body while enjoying whatever food comes your way.

A really interesting study was done that involved that kind of idea. I can't remember exactly where I read this, maybe in psychology class, so i'll just paraphrase what I remember:  they showed people from different countries pictures, and asked what the first word that came to mind was. One of the pictures was of chocolate cake. North Americans' typical 1st response included words like "guilt," "bad," "shouldn't"  & Parisians' responses included "celebration," "love," "enjoyment." So do you want to eat guilt & badness or do you want to ingest love & celebration?

And so, this fine morning, I happily toast my coffee to you and your food freedom.

Lose the judgment. Lose the food rules. Whether it's Sunday Brunch with your mom's famous cinnamon rolls, pizza & wine with friends, miso soup, or a full-on Macro feast, eat your food with love, and after, pause to listen to your body for feedback.

 ** If topics like this interest you, I highly encourage you to check out Marc David's work. His website is: I can't recommend his books, Nourishing Wisdom, & The Slow Down Diet enough, they are available on his site & on Amazon.

Any thoughts on this? Personal experiences?