Grains and Vegs.

Grains and Veggies are all I need for a yummy meal.

Throw in a bean or two and it feels all fancy :)

Simple Spring lunch of leftover aduzki bean / brown rice & steamed veggies:

Grains and Vegs.
Grains and Vegs.
Grains and Vegs.

I think the spring "cleaning" is doing it's body and mind are definitely clearing out whatever is unnecessary. As a result, my moods have been up and down. I was feeling really energetic and lighter for a few days, then I was randomly & irrationally angry yesterday---> I think it's probably my liver clearing out some old junk. Feeling up and down is a normal process when the body is cleansing. The best way to handle changing emotions is to be accepting and grateful for everything, and then to let it go.

Today I am feeling happy, but really tired. Overall though, I feel much brighter, more clear headed, and motivated. And still no insanely bad sweets cravings, and I haven't for a milisecond desired chocolate which is almost unheard of for me...I actually really can't believe it! The veggies and grains sure are working their magic!

I've been upping my amount of leafy greens, usually having a portion with lunch and dinner. I'm mostly focusing on greens and wholegrains, and chewing lots. Sour tastes go with spring eating. So i've been loving the lemon. Umeboshi anything is great too! I had a teeny bit of the vinegar yesterday, but unfortunately don't think my stomach is ready for it yet.

I am still having a bit of almond milk here and there with some dandelion coffee, but want to eliminate it.

So, I need your help!

Do you have a good (macro is preferable) recipe for grain milk?

Or, second choice is a recipe for seed milk?

I have a few exciting posts coming up:

* I made my own black sesame gomaisho (black sesame & sea salt condiment). So delicious. The smell took me right back to Japan, which i've been missing a lot lately.

* I will also have a guest post coming up, about natural & organic body care and make excited!

Happy spring time friends :)


mmmmmmm. mustard.
Happy almost-end-of-the-week, friends!!

For this week's Thursday Things i'll show you something I just restocked, and something that I unfortunately won't be able to restock.

This is my favourite spread-type-condiment:

It's spicy and sharp tasting. Delicious in wraps or on a rice cake. Pretty decent ingredients too, as it's VERY hard to find vinegar and sugar-free mustard. Thank you, Sobey's grocery chain.
And here's one thing that unfortunately I won't be able to re-stock easily:

Delicious sencha (green tea) from Japan.!! It is super super very sad to see it dwindle down.
At least I can keep the pretty tin and refill it with some other tea.

Oh, and rumour has it that there might be another brown rice how-to coming up soon!!!

Do you eat mustard? What's your favourite brand?