Macro Monday: October & November Catch-up.

Hi Friends,

It's been awhile! October was a delightful and busy month, and time seems to have gotten away from me! It's the last week of November - wow!

October started off with a bang! I went to Seattle to attend some Macrobiotic classes with Warren Kramer, set up by the lovely Teresa who blogs at Sweetveg and Littleveg.

Short version of all of this: AMAZING!
There were just so so SO many good things about it:

#1 - I got to meet Teresa, which was purely delightful. She is just as sweet and caring as you would imagine when reading her blog posts. She organized an amazing weekend, and I'm beyond thrilled that I was able to attend. Thank you Teresa! :)

#2 - MACROBIOTIC CLASSES. Can you believe that I have been doing the whole Macro thing solo for over 6 years!? This is the first time I've taken a cooking class or attended a weekend workshop with multiple classes in all this time. It was SO wonderful to be around other people who use the words "yin" and "yang" regularly - ha! And who also appreciate things like the perfect kabocha, brown rice, and all kinds of things Macrobiotic. It was definitely worth it for me, times like a million!

# 3 - Learning! Warren Kramer is a wonderful, wonderful teacher! I feel super lucky to have been able to attend some classes with him. I definitely tucked away more than a few new-to-me pieces of information. So grateful for all of this!

#4 - FOOD. Can you say full-on multiple course Macrobiotic meals that I didn't have to make...just there for me to enjoy? Heaven, I tell ya'. Here are a couple of photos of one of the meals that I was so lucky to enjoy:

#5 - Seattle. What a great city. In a very non-Macrobiotic fashion, T and I did a coffee tour of the city after the weekend's Macrobiotic classes. ;) So many cute and fun cafes. Amazing coffee. Like, some of the best I've ever had anywhere. And it's a great city full of good veggie eating options - I might do a post later about some of my favourite veggie meals I enjoyed there. We took the ol' city bus and/or walked everywhere, which worked out perfectly. We stayed in a sweet little 1 bedroom suite we found on Airbnb. We just took the ferry from downtown Victoria, straight to downtown Seattle. We booked in advance, so it was only $120 return for each of us. Super easy, and super fun.

Also, in the past few months I have continued to teach a few Macrobiotic classes, which were great fun - thanks to everyone for attending! I will be doing another two before Christmas. Next on is Monday December 1st and is on sweets <3

Also, since October in particular was quite rainy, we have been spending a bit more time inside. T and I have been going through our stuff once again - we are continually trying to downsize. We share a 470 square foot suite, and we both work from home...and we both love it! It just forces us to be on a continual minimizing mission. It feels so liberating to sell or donate stuff you don't need or use anymore.

I'm working on a post for the vegan ramen that T and I have been making fairly frequently. It's super delicious, cozy and makes a great quick meal on a rainy/snowy day. Check back later this week for the recipe - I'll have it up by Friday <3

Also, I have gotten back into reading again - any book recommendations? I enjoy reading all kinds of books :)

Hope the past weeks have been wonderful for all of you.
xoxo jess