Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good latte.

Hello, hello friends.
Just a quick post to share some holiday cheer.
And a recipe for a wonderfully simple treat: chestnut soy latte!
First up, our small little Christmas tree (sent to us from family in Canada).
So teeny weeny and cute!

Last night, the 24th, we celebrated Christmas Eve Swiss style. A nice candlelit dinner, consisting of some meat (for the man), cheese (I tried some goat cheese), bread --vegan, olives, artichokes, bruschetta (lemon+olive oil+ fresh basil + tomatoes+ some camembert) and salad. With no oven, this meal was the perfect choice!

Then we opened up our presents (when I was young, we always opened presents on the 24th, and then "Santa" delivered some presents on the 25th morning. This year, I must have been a very good girl:

Some pretty wooden trays to further my insane addiction to tableware. And some books I can't wait to read while sitting bored out of my mind at work! Also unpictured was an insane amount of dark chocolate.

This morning began with breakfast served on my cute new trays. For me, some pumpkin oats topped with tahini and cinnamon and homemade almond milk. For him, his favourite once per year treat: golden grahams, and orange juice.

After I finished eating, I made a latte. I have been trying to avoid soy milk lately, but my homemade almond milk just doesn't seem to heat up nicely. So in honour of treating myself over the holidays, I purchased some delicious soymilk, and made a....
Chestnut Soy Latte
1. Prepare espresso. I use a stove top stop espresso maker like this one.
2.In a small saucepan, heat on low 1 1/4 cups of plain soymilk. Whisk whisk whisk. I like this soymilk (does anyone know if this exists in North America?):

3. Throw in a couple of squeezes of this delicious french chestnut puree:
(yes there is sugar in it...but hey, it's the holidays! I'm sure you could use unsweetened if you can find it)

3. whisk whisk whisk some more.
4. When milk is at the desired heat, turn stove off,
5. use a handheld electric foamer for even more foaming action!
5. Pour espresso into cup, then milk, then foam, and top with cinnamon if you like.
6. Swoon:

Merry Christmas everyone.
May you find peace, happiness, love, and bliss.

Some more food!

I have also been eating lots of oatbran with blended veggies combos. I usually steam some carrot, daikon, kale or collards, and if i'm lucky, kabocha! Then, with the remaining liquid I blend it up!

It is really good on its own (even though it looks like digested baby food ;) )

Then I add it into the grains, and it makes me really happy (any type of grain!):

I also went on a nut butter spree awhile back, and bought four types: sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, sesame butter (made with brown sesame seeds, and MUCH thicker than tahini!), and mine and T's absolute most favourite peanut butter ever.

I tried all but the p.b. (cause I know it is so good) with a bit of rice syrup, on top of oatbran! So wonderful.

My favourite, rather surprisingly, was the....

It has a great texture, is really filling but not overbearing, and is wonderful even added to stir frys:

I found the pumpkin seed butter really tasty, but WAY too salty. I had to mix it into the oatbran to make it edible. The sunflower seed butter was yummy, and super crunchy (almost whole seeds, so good!), but also a bit on the salty side. And for all you p.b. lovers out there, the SUNLAND organic valencia peanut butter, crunchy with no salt, is hands down the best thing ever. Try it!

Does anyone else love chestnuts as much as me? I bought some roasted peeled ones at the japanese market, and ate them with some cinnamon. Delicious!

Oh food. I do love you.