Sometimes you need to go to Kyoto to find the right pie.

So since my last post my guy and I have had 2 sets of parents visit.

So nice to see all of them, but for the last month our days have been a little too jam-packed.

But, it was so nice to get away and do a bit more traveling around here.

I have a great vegan guidebook to Japan, and I found this little gem of a restaurant in Kyoto:

Cute Sign out front.

Love the decor.

Those jars, my loves, are all filled with vegan and macrobiotic oriented cookies.  Pure heaven.

We had hoped to get the macrobiotic lunch set, but unfortunately it was a busy day and was all sold out.

I still left happy though.

I started with a salad:

And then had the curry with brown rice & fresh vegan bread:

They were all sold out of brown rice too---but hey, when the only choice left is fresh vegan bread, I know i'm not doing too bad at all ;)

Loved these chopstick rests. So pretty!!

The presentation of food in Japan is just ridiculous.

It is really so well done. In fact, it's one of the things i'll miss the most when I return home.

And you know a trip to macro restaurant wouldn't be complete without dessert. This dessert made me think of all you lovely readers and bloggers.

For the record, this may have been my FAVOURITE dessert ever ordered. 

First, some kukicha tea in an adorable cup with a cookie happy spoon.

Absolutely gorgeous pottery.

Oh, what's this?

I'll give you a hint: inside there are two of my favourite things...

Kabocha + Adzuki Pie.

I ordered this thinking that there was no way I could go wrong. Those two flavours go great together.

I was happily surprised when I took the first bite:

It wasn't pureed or blended together at all!

Literally just a hunk of kabocha topped with adzuki beans. 

The whole wheat crust was barely sweetened at all. In fact, "normal" people wouldn't consider this a dessert at all.

But, it was perfect, because it didn't leave you feeling all yucky, like too much sugar does.

It was great. I need to recreate it as soon as I am back home in Canada with an oven.

They served it alongside homemade vegan caramel soy icecream.

And you know I couldn't leave with a little something either:

Especially when they wrap it in the cutest bag ever!

I'll show you what was inside next time.

Any nice eating out experiences lately?