Oh-I love my-sawa pot.'s Thursday, and I haven't done a Thursday Things post in awhile.

Did I ever show you what my lovely man T got me for Christmas?

An Ohsawa Pot ( A ceramic pot that is meant to be placed inside the pressure cooker).

An Ohsawa Pot ( A ceramic pot that is meant to be placed inside the pressure cooker).


The Ohsawa Pot makes whatever it is you cook --- and so far I've tried apples, brown rice, millet, and adzuki pumpkin stew --- taste even yummier than in the pressure cooker alone. I believe part of the reason for this is that it keeps all the moisture inside the food. Also, the ceramic pot reduces the slightly metallic taste that the pressure cooker can impart into food. (Truthfully, I never really noticed any sort of metallic taste from the cooker until after I tried cooking in the Ohsawa pot, and then again without it, and noticed how different the same dish tasted). Plus, you can soak the grains, cook them, and serve them all in the Oshawa pot...and then pop it right into the fridge to store the leftovers.

So far, i'm super happy with it, and haven't cooked a thing in the pressure cooker without it since. The above dish, stewed apples with ginger & cinnamon, turned out fabulous, and it was my first attempt at using it. The ratios for water change a bit, so i'm still experimenting to get the perfect recipe---i'll let you know when I do.

But honestly, the tastiest thing to emerge out of my Ohsawa pot so far, is simple brown rice. I didn't think brown rice could get any tastier, but both T & I cannot get enough. Super Yum. Expect my new recipe soon. Until then, try my recipe for brown rice dainty pig style version 1.0 (stovetop) or version 2.0 (pressure cooker - no Ohsawa pot).

Have you ever cooked in an Ohsawa pot?
Any tips or favourite recipes?

** Also, I've finally put up my Resources Tab, with a link to Macro & Non-Macro blogs, websites and books that I enjoy. If you'd like to be included & are not up there yet (i'm slow, sorry! still working on it!), please let me know!

Have a great day.

Dinner Party Delights

 Hey Guys,

The focus of this week's Thursday Things are FRIENDS!
And enjoying simple meals with them :)

Here's a few quick shots from the dinner party last night.

You can see my plate because of the rice cake, hahaha.
 (once my belly is doing great, I will definitely indulge in some good quality bread)
Lemon slices for the soup, cute bird lemon squeezer from Japan, and tahini sauce for the veggies.

3 kinds of Sourdough Bread  (wholegrain, baguette, & potato bread)

French Lentil Stew(has parsnip, celery, carrots, ginger & parsley in it).

Roasted Veggies

Kabocha, Fennel, Japanese Sweet Potato, & Yellow Beets

Tahini Custard (like a kanten, made with apples, raisins & tahini)

After! I garnished these with a few raisins before serving.

* To make this mouth watering custard, please read Aveline Kushi's book "Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking." It is simple, tastes decadent, and received great reviews from my guests!

*French Lentil Stew Recipe coming soon!

* And, a guest post tomorrow!

Have a lovely thursday, dainty piglets β™₯β™₯β™₯

Measuring it up.

Hey friends,

My brother-in-law was here this past weekend for T's birthday.

He and his wife bought me a lovely present I thought would be perfect to show you on this week's edition of:

Thursday Things:

Measuring it up.

LOVE the box!!

Measuring it up.
Measuring it up.
Measuring it up.

Perfect. So sweet and kind of them.

And as if I needed an excuse to bake :)

Can't wait to try out some cookies using these adorable measuring cups.

Anything you've been loving lately??


mmmmmmm. mustard.
Happy almost-end-of-the-week, friends!!

For this week's Thursday Things i'll show you something I just restocked, and something that I unfortunately won't be able to restock.

This is my favourite spread-type-condiment:

It's spicy and sharp tasting. Delicious in wraps or on a rice cake. Pretty decent ingredients too, as it's VERY hard to find vinegar and sugar-free mustard. Thank you, Sobey's grocery chain.
And here's one thing that unfortunately I won't be able to re-stock easily:

Delicious sencha (green tea) from Japan.!! It is super super very sad to see it dwindle down.
At least I can keep the pretty tin and refill it with some other tea.

Oh, and rumour has it that there might be another brown rice how-to coming up soon!!!

Do you eat mustard? What's your favourite brand?

SomeTHING for myself

To be quite honest, I don't spend much money on girl-type things for myself.

I rarely buy clothes. 
I barely buy or wear makeup or hair-care products.
Overall, I'm pretty low maintenance. 
I do love earrings and scarves; they are probably the most frequent girl purchase I indulge in, and even at that, it's not so often. 
For some reason, I always choose spending money on new kitchen things, books, yoga stuff, or even organic food splurges over self-care things.
But it really does feel good to spend a little on yourself, sometimes.
And it's something that I think I want to embrace a bit more.
So this THURSDAY THINGS is a present to myself:
A new haircut!!

A new haircut for a new month.
Happy March everyone!
When's the last time you did something for yourself?
What was it?


Today, I want to mention some Thursday Things that i'm very grateful for.

#1 Wonderful, Sweet Friends & Snail Mail

Cute cookie cutters, a calendar, a squirrel pin, and a lovely letter.
I love squirrels. And anything from Japan.

#2 Simple, cheap snacks I can easily make at home: Tamari Roasted Almonds

#3  The giant expanse of Macrobiotics.  It encompasses so much that it makes me excited to cook, breathe, and find more happiness and peace in my life so that I can share it with others.

#4 Finding inspiration and growth through yoga, from my practice, my students, and my teachers. 

What are some Things you're grateful for this Thursday?

Thursday Things

Hey friends,

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day.
Today's Thursday.
That means there are some things I've been loving.
This week there was no wondering what to post for Thursday Things.
There's really just one thing I've been really loving:

Fresh, organic, (and whenever possible) local vegetables delivered to my door??
I think...yes please. I live in Canada, and don't drive. So cold winter weather, plus on foot to get groceries every week, makes delivery a good choice. Especially when you factor in that most of the organic veggies at my local health food store are definitely not local. And also, i'm much less likely to spend extra money on extra things I don't need when i'm not wandering through aisles of gluten free and boxed products.

We got: apples, 2 kinds of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, sprouts, beets, parsnips, an avocado and tomatoes (for the guy), mushrooms and I think that's it. Oh yeah, and a few pears.
In case you don't believe me:

Pretty decent haul. I've already enjoyed a wrap with the lettuce and sprouts, and a few veggie sautes with the broccoli and mushrooms. Very tasty. Very happy.
We're going to try a box every two weeks.
Have you ever had veggies delivered? 
Good experience? Bad experience?

Stay tuned to see what sweet treat I made for Valentine's day!

My (other) favourite thing.

Hey Guys,

Welcome to another Thursday Things post.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the most useful thing in my kitchen.
Yep, even more useful than my new baby.

Yup, it's my "nakiri." 

A Japanese "Home Use" vegetable knife.

I think it's really pretty.

I just love the texture, and it helps to prevent veggies from sticking to it.

It has the perfect weight and feels great to use.
I can even dominate a kabocha squash in mere minutes with this beast!!!
Why did I ever wait over 3 years into my vegan/macro journey to own such a tool?

 I'll never understand.

This bad boy set me back:
about $148 CAD (using today's exchange rate).
I bought it during my last trip to Kyoto about a year ago.
Absolutely worth every unknowing-tourist penny.
They gave me a cute paper describing all the kinds of knives and what they're for. 
Japanese people take their knives seriously, and I appreciate that.
For everyday preparation of vegetables. Sounds just right!
And just for fun, I'll show you another thing I fell in love with in Japan.
All the beautiful blog props kitchen towels. This one has baby sushi all over it :)

Do you own a good kitchen knife?

I used to work at a high-end kitchen shop, and all our top-notch knives were Japanese. I think German knives used to be considered the best. I'm not sure when that changed, but most chefs coming into our shop always requested the Japanese knives.
What kind of knife do you use?