Macro Monday: Finding Inspiration

Hi Friends,

I've been feeling like I need a bit of inspiration these past few days. So, here we go!

MM: Get Inspired

Here are some Dainty Pig tips for getting inspired, when your motivation seems to prefer taking naps instead of going on adventures.

Get Outside

It doesn't matter if you simply sit outside with a book, go for a walk, hop on your bike, or just lay in the sun & have a nap, getting outside will make you feel better. And if it's raining, open up your windows and take a deep breath in of that gloriously fresh rain air.

Go Somewhere New

Again, the options are limitless: go to a new restaurant, walk somewhere new, go on a road trip, visit a new park in your city, take a new route on your way to work. There's a certain rush of seeing something for the first time - yes, even if it is simply taking a new route in your car. This also flexes your easy-going muscles, and gives you a chance to be more spontaneous.

Eat Something Fresh & In Season

Berries. Berries. Berries. I am so happy to have fresh berries this week. They instantly lift my spirits. They are so pretty and tasty and bring summer right to your bowl. Anything fresh and seasonal will make you feel balanced, and bring some of the season's energy & momentum into your life. Visiting a farmer's market and seeing all the amazing fresh veggies & fruits will connect you to Mother Nature - always a good thing.

Listen to New Music

Try something totally different. It just might shake things up a bit for you, and shake off that stagnant energy that we all feel some time. And you could also try dancing to that new music :)

Visit / Chat with a Friend

Get out of your own head, your own life, and be there for someone else. You must give in order to receive!


For an hour, for a day or for a week if you can. Leave your phone & laptop behind (or lock them away), and experience how much space & time you have!

Make a list

Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Hello instant mood booster :)


Clean your house, clean your car, do some laundry - whatever kind of cleaning is calling to you, go for it. Make space in your surroundings for the things you love. That clean fresh energy will interact with you :)

Treat Yourself like Royalty

Have a long bubble bath. Put on a face mask. Get a massage. Or a facial. Buy yourself some flowers. Or a pretty new dress. Sleep in. Do the things that make you feel luxurious and spoiled. Sometimes that's all we need.

Watch an Inspiring Movie / Listen to or Read about an Inspiring Story

Don't be shy to let yourself get lost in someone else's adventures or inspiration for awhile. Maybe some of that good stuff will rub off :)


Ask yourself: why am I not feeling so inspired? Is it because you are under slept? Or you haven't been doing the things you love? Is there something that you are avoiding dealing with, or is there a big stress in your life? Ask. And listen.

What are your favourite tips for getting inspired?

Have a wonderful wonderful week my lovely friends!
xoxo jess