Macro Monday: yoga off the mat

Hi Friends,

There has been a lot of outside time this past month :)
I have had the fortune of having many many visitors, and lots of beautiful days. While this has changed my usual routine of early mornings and early nights (lots of free time in the day, and later nights working or visiting), I have been going with the flow and allowing things to just be, and enjoying what is. I've been focusing on taking in the experience - the friends & family & the beauty of my surroundings - fully. Yoga off the mat, and lots of it. Breathing in each place and holding it in my heart <3

Here are a few snippets of my days - places & eats I've been savoring and experiencing.

This is all good WORK for me to be doing. Going with the flow, and not forcing my schedule. For some people, schedule free lives feel more normal & natural. Not so for me - I have always had lots of scheduled time, and usually thrive off of routine. Now I get to play with shifting, adapting, free moving time - working it so I get what needs to be done, done, at all different times of the day. Bedtime at midnight? Sure. Practice at home at 11am or 3pm? Yep. Working in the evening / visiting in the evening and playing outside during the day? Okay! I have been able to adapt to different hours for the time being, and relax into a new rhythm of... no rhythm. Haha :) It's challenging me in many ways. Good growth in new ways. And of course, I'll soon be able to get back to my earlier bedtimes & regular schedule, and enjoy what I know that has to offer ;)

Flexibility, ease & adaptability - it's all part of living a BIG LIFE - the heart & soul of macrobiotics.

Now - I'm off to play in the forest & ocean - my brother & his lovely lady are here visiting, and I couldn't be happier! :)