Macro Monday: Chewing recap

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd to a quick recap of how my week of chewing better went!

Chew-a-thon Recap:

  • It's definitely obvious, but because I slowed down to chew more, I enjoyed my meals even more than I usually do :)
  • I definitely noticed that good food still tastes good the more you chew it...and food that is more of the treaty variety, does not.
  • And of course, my belly felt much happier as it always does if I chew better. Lots of people find smoothies easy to digest, and really it's just because the blender pre-chews it all for you :)
  • 50 chews per bite felt pretty much impossible, but I did increase the number of chews by a good amount. Also, a few times I had some fruit, and found it extra hard to chew a lot...ick, chewing on grape skins is not so fun! haha.
  • It began to feel a bit more natural by the end of the week, to chew more than I had been, without always thinking about it
  • I tried to remember to "chew" my liquids too - also important - just swish it around a bit :)

Overall, it was a great reminder that especially if life is busy, chewing and slowing down to eat is often one of the first things to go. I encourage you to bring back in the slow meals, full of wonderful company, delicious food, & of lots of chewing.

Did you try chewing more this past week? What was your experience like?