MacroMonday: Hobbies

mm: hobbies & your comfort zone

Recently I've been looking at how I spend my free time. Free time, to me, falls outside of the daily things that I consider to be a necessity for my overall well-being. Those daily necessities for me include: working, hanging out with my best bud T, practicing yoga, spending time outside, working on The Dainty Pig [cooking, baking, researching, reading] & doing chores/housework.

Free time falls outside those things, and that's where hobbies fit in. Hobbies, to me, feel more like playing. They are things that bring joy, not too many responsibilities, and for me, are something that I can approach without expectations. I will include my long-time love for reading here, and a newer one for me, is gardening.

Lately though, I have been feeling the need to create.

And so I've been on the search for a hobby where I can create something. But this isn't easy for me. It's new territory. I am more of an active go-go-go kind of person, so creating things in the form of art, crafts, or music has never been what I've gravitated to. I'm not saying active people can't be creative, or that creative people aren't usually's just that for me personally, anything that requires me to sit still and focus for a long period of time, without moving my body around, is something I often do not choose to do (apart from reading). It's just my natural, instinctual preference. Try watching a movie with me...I may or may not get up a zillion times during it.... I have always played and participated in lots of sports - giving up piano lessons when they interfered with soccer practice. And don't even get me started on colouring and drawing...when I was young of course I did these things, but after about 5 minutes the urge to scribble over whatever I was doing and get up and run around was overwhelming. Sit me down at a desk with a colouring book and felt pens, and I'd be pretttttty grumpy.Give me some sticks, mud, and kids to chase / be chased by, and I'd be a happy camper.  [perhaps my desire to move around accounts for the ridiculous number of times I needed stitches when I was young].

Anyways...I'm writing this post because I've discovered that actively choosing to experiment with something that you don't naturally gravitate to - something that challenges your innate way of being - can be immensely rewarding. Choosing to engage in a hobby that forces you to be still, or to be patient, when your natural mode is moving, does wonderful things for the non-stop kind of person like me.

And so, you see, this brings me to my new hobby: knitting.

If anybody has tried knitting while moving around / standing it surely is me. BUT, this urge soon passed, as the reality that moving & lots of yarn everywhere do not mix (read: disaster), and the meditative motion of knitting took over. I've been knitting for a few weeks now, and I'm by no means great at it (unlike my knitting whiz of a sister), but the satisfaction of learning something new, challenging myself to be still, and then getting to see my creation at the end (like the cute fingerless mittens I made) - is very encouraging, and very rewarding.

Because I am not naturally a crafter of any kind, I had zero expectations for myself when embarking on this new hobby. And truthfully, I think that has been the key to my success [ & by success, I mean sticking with it and completing a project - not that I am now a pro knitter, haha ].

So...this week, I'm asking you to consider what your natural way of being is, and then perhaps, try something completely opposite to it - in your free time, your playing time. And remember, there is a difference between resistance to something that may be good for you, and opposition to something that is obviously just not right for you. Play around in that space. Let go of your expectations. Don't be shy!

Big love to you, my dainty friends!
xoxo J