Macro Monday: Outer world / Inner World

Things have been a little hectic this first few weeks of the month.

T & I are settling into our own little place, here in sweet Victoria, and we couldn't be more excited. We have not had as much time as we hoped though, to unpack, clean, and we've been living with a bunch of boxes in our faces.

And I've been feeling it, and noticing that my inner world has gotten a little crazy, just like the outer world.

So today let's talk about how keeping your outer world orderly directly impacts how orderly you'll feel on the inside.

MM: Keepin' Your Outer World Orderly

I've noticed this:

clutter = cluttered mind & messy spaces = messy thoughts.

& the inverse seems to be true too:

a clean, fresh space = clear thinking.

Have you experienced this?

This past week has been all about this for me. I had to run lots of errands, out and about in between working & other projects, and then I'd come home and see the pile of boxes everywhere, and subconsciously feel the effects of every flat surface being covered with stacks of "where the heck do we put this" kinda random objects, and it'd make the chaos even bigger, without me knowing it.

The world outside can be kinda crazy, and chaotic - especially if you live in a city & especially if you are a sensitive person - and you can't really control those surroundings. I was moments behind a pretty bad accident on the highway last Monday, and it left me feeling very unsettled. But I had to continue on with my day, engaging with the outside world. Coming home to unfinished moving chaos didn't help at all.

It is imperative to have a safe, clean, clear little haven to come home to, so you can exhale completely and just be.

I've always been sensitive to clutter and messiness. My parents used to joke about how my room was always clean growing up. I seriously can't focus with stuff scattered everywhere. And T is the same.

So we've been working away, as much as our schedules allow, and we're almost to a point that we're okay with. We've condensed unpacked stuff into one corner, so that everywhere else is clean, organized & good. And I feel SO much better already. It's an amazing energy shift to see clean lines and floor space and open walls. {I just avoid looking into the unpacked corner for now}. Less truly is more - at least to me.

Hint: It's much easier to keep your outer world orderly if you have less things.

Like I mentioned earlier, we moved into a tiny space, by choice. We're really excited and happy about it - but it does mean that I need to make some tough choices regarding things I have. I'm grateful for it though, truly. I am excited to lighten my possessions load. I am continually working on letting go of stuff I already have, and also on preventing myself from accumulating more stuff.  We chose this space because it had a sweet sweet vibe about it, and thought that being in a small space will challenge us in good ways, and in ways that we want to be challenged. T is the master of minimalism & being non-materialistic: he is a wonderful teacher for me. He has, just inherently built into his wiring, all the lessons/understanding of the universe that I learn about through yoga & spirituality & philosophy - so I am very eager to put those lessons & his wisdom to use in reducing my "stuff" and keeping our space minimal and easy to care for.

The more things you have, the more time you need to devote to taking care of and managing them. Things break. They need to be cleaned, moved & maintained. All that takes time. And quite frankly, I'd rather be spending that time outside by the ocean and the trees.

I'm sure you're read/seen the Fight Club, right? One of my all time favourite quotes is from there: "The things you own end up owning you." So true.

So what does this mean for me?

Well, dear friends, if things in your life are feeling a bit crazy, scattered or hectic, and you find yourself unable to focus or think clearly, then I challenge you to ask yourself: is there anything in my outer world that needs dusting off? Are there things that I don't need that I can get rid of? What stuff is physically cluttering up the spaces I inhabit? Where is there order in my outer life, but more importantly, where isn't there?

And remember, it's not just about your home, your office, or your physical space. It's about keeping order & consistency in your outer interactions: relationships to others in your life. So also ask yourself if there is a friendship, a relationship, or a family or work issue that needs some dusting off too. If there is something you need to say or need to do, I encourage you to do it - and then come home and do a bit of cleaning too. And just notice if your energy shifts. The cleaner and more consistent your outer world is, the more space you give for your inner world, your thoughts & feelings, to follow suit.

Make simplicity a priority.

<3 Big love to you, sweet friends.