MM: Macrobiotic Snacks for Trips

On this lovely Macro Monday (MM) I am on the final leg of a two day road trip.  Eating Macro style while traveling is definitely not easy... 

But you can manage to do it, either somewhat or full on. I've done it both ways, depending on the trip. This one is definitely leaning more towards the somewhat category, and i'm totally fine with that. 

After a marathon apartment clearing out & car loading up fiasco that lasted much longer than anticipated (doesn't it always?!) I was left with no time to prepare actual food to bring along, but luckily had grabbed a few snacks earlier in the week for our moving-to-the-coast-long-ass-roadtrip. 

Over the years I've brought many different things for trips, and found a few favourites.

Here are some things I'd recommend including in your macrobiotic road trip picnic basket:

Macrobiotic Snacks

{{For Road Trips & Other Fun ways of Traveling}}

Salty / Crunchy

  • Tamari Almonds -  #1 on my list because they are so dang tasty, and easy to transport...also easy to munch on if you're the driver
  • Popcorn with oil & salt (made at home beforehand)
  • Trail mix with any variety of nuts/seeds/dried fruit
  • Brown Rice chips
  • Corn Chips  
  • Brown Rice cakes


  • Fresh fruit: apples transport well, and grapes are easy to eat while driving
  • Macro Bars - these are tasty, and transport well and will last in case you get stranded somewhere
  • Natural Macrobiotic / vegan baking: wholesome cookies, muffins & bars
  • High quality dark chocolate

Quick Breakfasts 

*Bring a bowl & spoon

  • Instant Oats
  • Granola or Muesli
  • Small tetra paks of rice/soy/almond milk
  • Seeds/Nuts for on top: flax/chia/pumpkin etc. 
  • Nut butters (peanut/almont etc) to eat on top of brown rice cakes or bread

Lunches & Dinners

  • Hummus & pita
  • Cut up veggies & dip
  • Pre-made guacamole to use with rice cakes/chips/pita
  • Sandwich Fixings - you can make these on the road, or before hand.
  • You could try making rice balls the night before you leave, if you have any leftover grains


  • I usually pack a kombucha along, as long car trips aren't a friend of my stomach. Just make sure to keep 'em in a cooler.
  • I also bring along some almond milk for any coffee along the way, if I need a caffeine boost to keep me awake for driving
  • Cold Mate tea - you can buy this in a glass bottle. It will keep you awake!
  • You could make a smoothie and pack it along in a jar
  • water, water, WATER! 

And remember, if you need to find a place to eat out, here are a few tips to make it more Macro Friendly.  I've found that Pita Pit / Subway can be a life saver if need be, as well as most Mexican, Japanese or Thai Restaurants.

While on the road today, I made a Macro Sandwich using smoked tofu, arugula, and avocado-all leftover ingredients from my kitchen in Edmonton. We stopped on the side of the road in Jasper, and I used a plastic bag as a cutting board, and my fingers as a knife to open the avocado...ugh, it wasn't pretty to say the least, but it tasted good & with some brown rice chips made a pretty filling lunch.

Dinner was kind of a sad affair, as we were so behind that we didn't have time to stop and eat. While driving I had some rice cakes, handfuls of tamari almonds, a few squares of dark chocolate, and a chia seed kombucha. And then some all natural macrobiotic approved ginger candy we found at a gas station (!!??!!). Yeah. No one's perfect.

Not too sure what tomorrow will look like as the car food supply has dwindled rapidly. Guess i'll have to practice letting go of food rules & go with the flow.

Happy trips to you all, wherever you may be.
And, I'd love to hear about any foods you like to bring along when traveling!