Macro Mondays: the sweet spot.

No, I'm not talking about sweet treats.  I'm talking about that sweet spot.

You know, that one where you walk the line between the flow of creativity / inspiration and risk taking / vulnerability.

Macrobiotics is about living a BIG LIFE, and part of that is reliant upon finding that sweet spot, and doing whatever you need to do in order to get that kind of big life you deserve.

Be willing to be vulnerable.

Yep, it's scary. It's nerve-wracking. It's something that we have all experienced, and most often try to avoid. Sometimes you get burned; other times you win big.

But perhaps what you want, that BIG LIFE, is on the other side of vulnerability. Be willing to go into vulnerability purposefully, and see what happens.

It is just as important to be able to be vulnerable, as it is to deal with what comes up as a result. Fully feel any emotions that arise: happiness, sadness, feeling anxious or scared, maybe even embarrassment if it doesn't go your way. And then let them go. Clear them out.

I read this somewhere lately, and fell in love with it:

" inside vulnerability is great strength...the word vulnerability means "able to heal a wound"; the so called normal definition of the word ~open to being hurt ~ is not true! A" vulnary " is a medieval way of healing a wound, like a poultice. So next time we feel vulnerable, instead of us feeling ashamed or weak, let us remember we are actually healing a wound in that moment....which is worth a pat on our backs ~for each time we heal our wounds, we are healing the world "

Learn to believe and trust in yourself & your ability to deal with tense situations. Keeping your heart wide open during such situations is hard. It's a pretty big deal. In fact, it's much easier to react with anger or sadness in a tense situation, than respond with grace & an open heart. But it will leave you feeling much better (it sure does for me). It will only let life flow through you even stronger.

And don't forget: it takes practice, so be kind to yourself.

One more thing: 

If you have a dream - an inspiration - something that sparks you - that fills up your heart - fight the good fight: don't let yourself be stopped by vulnerability. Instead, step into it.

I'm going to try my best, that's for sure: T & I are moving to Vancouver Island in a week. 

There's definitely some vulnerability involved. But also a lot of excitement! 

Wishing you a week of heart-open-wideness, being brave, and being willing to do what you haven't done before. 

 *Quote pictures are all from google images.