MM: How to Succeed When Making a Change

Macro Monday: the only tip you need to know when making any dietary or lifestyle change...


**It's easier to ADD IN than take out.**


Again: it's easier to ADD IN "good foods" than take out "bad foods".
Or ADD IN "good behaviours" than cold turkey take out negative ones.

When contemplating any lifestyle change, think about what you could add in, instead of what you "need to" take out. Pretty soon the good will take up so much space in your life, that there isn't any room left for the other stuff.

Want a sweet treat?

ADD IN some new treats: fresh summer fruit, some peanut butter & brown rice syrup on a rice cake, or make a fresh baked pumpkin pie, a fresh summer berry tart, or perhaps some macro-friendly cookies. They taste good, I promise. 

Add in those yummies, and you'll soon realize there's no space left in your daily eats for out-of-the-box processed treats from the convenience store.

Need Chocolate? 

Try these brownies with tofu whipped cream. 

Or this spicy hot cocoa! 

Or try some high quality dark chocolate - there are now plenty made with good ingredients. 

Want something salty & crunchy to snack on?

Try some Tamari Roasted Nuts & Seeds  {you can also roast the almonds in the over at 350F, until they slightly brown and smell delicious, stirring around every few minutes, then add in the tamari and stir}.

One of my favourites is popcorn with flax/olive oil, sea salt, and dulse flakes.  

Or perhaps some Hummus and crunchy veggies, or Brown Rice Chips from the store. 

Want something hearty, comforting and warming?

Try making this delicious lentil stew, and serve with fresh warm sourdough bread.

Want something cool on a summer day? 

Brew a nice herbal tea extra strong, add a bit of apple juice, maple syrup or brown rice syrup while hot. Throw in some lemon & ice and call it a happy day. 

Or how about some 2 minute raspberry icecream? 

Want a caffeine boost?

Try green tea. Or a green tea latte with soy, rice, almond milk, or coconut milk.

Or keep the coffee & use one of the milks listed above, and swap out the sugar with maple syrup. 

Or try some yerba mate. 

Want some spice in your food? 

Make a 10 minute Mexican Feast. 

Or go out for Thai Food: ask to be sure, but most Thai curries that I've come across are vegan friendly, and there are usually plenty of fresh veggies involved.

Craving a sandwich?

Make it a good one, by using good ingredients, and be very very pleased with the results. You can even enjoy it with a good quality macrobiotic pickle! :)

...You get my drift: Focus on adding in the new. 

Fill your day up with the good, and "the bad" will be pushed out! 

I hoped you enjoyed these ideas for making a transition towards Macrobiotic based foods. 

And If there's something you're having difficulty replacing or ADDING IN and want some help, please let me know, and I'll have a go at it :)

BIG LOVE to you all!