MM: Change

Hi friends. 

Happy Summer {it's official now, even though the weather may not completely agree!}.

No food for this week's Macro Mondays Post.  Just a bit of thinking, done while in my garden (I've been super busy, and meals have been super quick & uninteresting this week!). So, here it is:

Macro Mondays: The Flow of Change.

What is change? What factors instigate major changes? I know that seasonal changes create & inspire many life changes...but maybe it isn't so simple? Perhaps: 

Season changes -> Food choice changes -> Attitude changes -> Life changes. 


Summertime hot weather (yang) --> more yin foods like juicy fruit & cool drinks --> more yin attitudes (less rigid thinking / more expansive ideas) --> more play, less routine...following your dreams?

Ever noticed people being dreamy and playful in the Summer? I sure have! 

A few potential changes are in my world right now & it's really interesting to watch all the factors that come into play. 

Okay, that's all for today. Happy Monday!

How do you feel different in Summer? 

Do you feel a noticeable shift in attitude during different seasons?