Macro Mondays: Eating out like a Dainty Pig

When you're on holiday, I've found that it is absolutely crucial to go with the flow in regards to eating. Luckily, here on the Coast, I often find items on the menu that require no substitutions or changing to meet my "usual" eating criteria. But, even if there aren't any options that are super Dainty Pig friendly, I've found that it's often best to just sit back & enjoy. Getting all wound up only makes your belly feel worse.

That being said, if you so desire, you can often easily make dishes more Dainty Pig friendly. Here are some tips:

MM: Dainty Pig-ifying Restaurant meals

1. I always inquire about the sauces / dips / dressings that are going on my food.

For me, the biggest hurdle is usually in the sauces! In my case, as I'm allergic to eggs & dairy --- both of which are in most sauces --- I more often than not end up asking for olive oil & lemon instead, and I have yet to encounter a place that is grumpy about this.

2. Sub out meat with fish or beans or tofu.

If you aren't wanting to eat meat, most restaurants will happily provide you with some grilled fish instead, and often there are black bean dishes already on the menu, so they can easily give some to you!

3. Replace unfriendly grains/starches with Dainty Pig ones

Usually there are a wide variety of grains on the menu: pasta, wild rice, multi-grain bread etc. So if your dish comes with a side of something you don't want, look on the menu to see what else they offer & usually they can do a swap!

4. Just to be sure: always ask & mention your allergies if you have them.

I have made this mistake too many times: I read the menu item description, and see nothing I'm allergic to mentioned, and just go for it. Then it arrives with plenty of unmentioned whipped cream or cheese...and I have to be a wang and ask for a replacement. Or, I just don't feel like bothering them, and then am grumpy. Either way, it pays to really ask. Mention your allergies to the server in a friendly way and they are super accommodating!

5. Let loose & practice letting go of your food rules.

Another, more fun, option: you can always just not worry about it. Order whatever you like, and eat it with great gusto & happiness. I do this from time to time, not worrying about my allergies or anything else, and it is so lovely. Vacations are the best time to let go a bit, and have fun. Focus on savoring your meal/treat & chew well :)

A Dainty Pig Friendly Breakfast Out

Lucky me!!! Sometimes you just hit the jackpot:


This was some steel cut oats, cooked with apples & cranberries, topped with roasted almonds. It was served with steamed almond milk to put on top, and multigrain toast. Breakfast heaven, I tell ya'.

Do you have any tips for eating out with specific dietary restrictions?

What is your eating out philosophy?