Five Friday Faves

The Dainty Pig is visiting the Ocean again (lucky me!), and I just wanted to do a quick Friday Faves list/post about some things I've been enjoying:

1. Shredded Beets in Salads

  • I love beets. I don't make them nearly enough, and I've never shredded them raw myself. But i'm probably going to have to start doing so, as almost every salad I've eaten out here has been full of colour with lovely fresh beets on top, and it's been making me swoon. Delicious.

2. Feeding Animals

  • I've fed ducks, baby ducks, squirrels, geese, peacocks, baby goats & seals. Yeah, it's pretty awe-mazing. I also saw some baby pigs that were SO cute I almost died of happiness. Am seriously contemplating living in the petting zoo, so I can be around them all the time.

3. Humidity -->smooth hands!

  • It's so nice to have soft hands again! Just one day here and my skin goes from winter survival mode to happy mode.

4. Almond milk & many other vegan options available everywhere

  • There are a few places in Edmonton that have almond milk as an option for their breakfast & drink items, but not nearly often enough. Here, it's listed pretty much everywhere. This makes me happy, as I hate been a picky order-er and making special requests. Here, I don't need to be.
  • Along with almond milk, there are countless other Dainty Pig friendly items available everywhere out here: tons of miso sauces, whole grain bowls, fresh local this & hand harvested that...vegan & gluten free treats that aren't full of weird ingredients. And of course fresh amazing seafood. It's pretty much foodie heaven, I'm tellin' ya.

5. New Kombucha with chia in it

  • My wonderful sister brought me back a kombucha from the States in the winter with chia seeds in it. It was pretty dang delicious, and I've been looking for them ever since. I was surprised to finally see it on the shelves! Here I found black currant & a raspberry one with chia in it. So good.

What are some of your favourite things, this lovely Friday?