Wonderful Wednesday

Just popping in to say hi & show you some things that made me smile extra big today!


My lovely sister is the best & helped me pot my flowers the other day. Now I can have a colourful start to my day EVERY day. Thanks Em!


 I enjoyed my favourite bread (organic sourdough rye with raisin & walnuts) with raspberry jam I made last summer for breakfast. Yum. Enough said.


I had a banana lying around (lol), so I decided to use it up in something delicious!
Angela's no bake chocolate macaroons were calling out to me. I had all the ingredients, except the dried/shredded coconut, so I swapped in rolled oats in the same quantity, and was just delighted. These are super easy to make. The hardest part is waiting to eat them while they're firming up in the freezer. Definitely a wonderful treat. I'll be making these again, probably playing around with some other ingredients too.

Have a lovely rest of the week friends!