Macro Monday: inspiration for the new year

Hey guys,

Like many of you, I'm sure, I find the last few days of the year to be a great time for contemplation.

2013 has been a crazy magical whirlwind for myself, and I could never have predicted all of the things that happened. Amongst them were saying goodbye to the house that I grew up in (my mom realized it was time to let go and make a big move), and also a move of our own as T & I packed up all our stuff once again (hit the 2 year mark on the nose) and relocated to the oceaney magic of British Columbia. There are many more things, some on a much deeper level, that have shifted, and I am so so grateful for each of them, and for each of you, lovely readers.

It's very beneficial to take a few moments to acknowledge the things that didn't work out this past year, and to express gratitude for the things that did, and for the lessons learned.

There are many many lists flying around that encourage this kind of contemplation, and inspiration to make 2014 the best ever.

Here are a few that I've found to be worth the read:

I think that it is always (ALL-WAYS) worth the time to sit & ponder what it is that you want to achieve. Thoughts and time put towards your goals make it much more likely to happen.

The New Year isn't necessarily some magical time where all of a sudden your goals all come true. But, having the support of many people, all working on their own goals together, at the same time (which happens with January and new years resolutions) does provide a certain kind of magic. It's a magic where a larger proportion of people are thinking more positively and looking towards their destination rather than complaining about their current position.

Learn from this positive group momentum & apply it to your own life. Be a part of the magic as you look forward and towards your goals. Think about what is important to you and for you only - don't worry about anyone else's goals or resolutions. You'll know what it is that is gently asking you for some love, that is ready to receive your focused energy. Choose only one or a few things, and put all your attention there...and then watch as magic & miracles show up in your life.

To your best year yet,

Lots of love (seriously, so much!),