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On this lovely Macro Monday, I decided to simply do a long overdue post about how things are going here in Victoria, and the things I'm really happy about (because I didn't cook or bake anything new or exciting this week,  and also wanted a break from information dense posts).

I could talk to you endlessly about how much I love the ocean, whether it's sunny or foggy, stormy or calm, but words will not suffice. I could also tell you how excited I get by the giant squirrels, hummingbirds, and sea-creatures. Or how much I love it when it's so foggy, and it happens so quickly that I can actually watch it moving down my block. And I've already mentioned the amazing Jess-friendly restaurants and bakeries. But I thought instead, that I'd mention some more random things, that I perhaps haven't talked about before.

Things I'm Loving About Life in Victoria:

1. Markets, markets, markets! This little piggy went to market... :)


So many fresh veggies & fruits, flowers, good bread, olives, sprouts, pottery, art, you name it. I'm in market heaven, pretty much everyday. Until this last week (as I missed the market on Saturday), I have had the good fortune of buying all my produce from markets. So tasty, and fun!

2. Vines & Plants & Flowers all over buildings <3


This makes for beeeeeeeauuuutiful walks.

3. My new wheels.

I'd love this bicycle no matter where I was living, but being able to ride for hours with the ocean beside me the whole time is a pretty amazing feeling. 


4. Japanese Food

The most delicious Japanese food I've had since I was in Japan, is here in Victoria, hands down. There are so many places to choose from (but Sen Zushi is the best!) and the menu options are the most like Japan I've experienced, outside of being in Japan. 

Brown rice veggie rolls. 

Brown rice veggie rolls. 

Natto Udon :) And the noodles were imported from the prefecture I lived in for 2 years.

Natto Udon :) And the noodles were imported from the prefecture I lived in for 2 years.

5. Stationery Heaven

If you're like me, you'll understand that September/Autumn means new stationery (and time for scarves and boots). Just like with the food, I have been able to find the nicest stationery supplies I've seen, since I was in Japan. T & I both missed the beautiful pens, paper & notebooks that were everywhere in Japan. But now we're doing okay :)  {sorry for all the Japan crushing, but it is such an amazing country, and T & I both get homesick for it at least a few times every year}.


6. Halloween Spirit.

Okay, so I'm not a huge Halloween fan. I mean, I definitely have no problem with it, and enjoy it somewhat, but I'm not one of those people who goes nuts for it. But apparently lots of people here are, and it is pretty fun. I've had some interesting discoveries on walks, and this is the best one so far: 


I think I'll leave it at that for now. I'll do another one later down the road :)

Have a great week everyone!