Welcome to the new Dainty Pig home - new RSS feed info

Hi friends,

Part of the reason I've been absent for awhile now, is that I have been very slowly moving things over to Squarespace...creating a new home for The Dainty Pig.

I want to post again soon (I have many ideas floating around in my head), so I've decided the new site's ready enough to move over now! But, unfortunately, I still haven't figured out how to add an RSS button on my new site, so for the time being:

Pretty pretty please re-subscribe using this 


Or of course, if you have a built-in RSS feed subscriber in your browser then please go to: and subscribe that way. Easy :)

In the next few days I will be transferring my domain over, so when you type in, you'll be re-directed to the new site.

Sorry-in-advance for any glitches. My new site will be continually being updated in the next weeks, so keep checking back for new posts and info.

Thank you for following me over to my new home!

Happy September.

Big love,

Jess :)