Macro Mondays: Celebrating all things simple.

I've been really working on playing more: celebrating the things I like. And the things I like are usually really simple. I usually find that the quicker & simpler the food, the better. 

My fondness for simple things comes in handy when you're busy traveling {last Macro Monday I was on a long road trip}. Sometimes no-cook meals / snacks are so wonderful as they allow you to stay present in the flow of your day.

Here is a positively scrumptious quick mini breakfast/ snack I enjoyed the other day, while we were packing up for our trip and didn't have much time at all:

*I recycled this pic from a previous post, as I forgot to snap a new pic of this delicious bready goodness. 

*I recycled this pic from a previous post, as I forgot to snap a new pic of this delicious bready goodness. 

Organic wholegrain wheat & rye sourdough with walnuts and raisins, from THE BEST bakery in town (if you're in Edmonton that would be: Bonjour Bakery - formerly known as Treestone Bakery).

I topped it with some of my homemade raspberry macro-friendly preserves I made last summer (still so good!). It was very tart and delicious.

I enjoyed the bread with a big almond milk dandelion latte. Yup, there were no veggies or grains in their whole form consumed. That's rather rare around the Dainty Pig household. But, that's okay every once in awhile. Life's too short to not enjoy the things you love, and fresh wonderful wholesome bread is right up there on my list. In fact, it may just be occupying the top spot.

{FYI: If you've been reading the dainty pig for awhile, you'll know that I usually avoid regularly eating gluten, as my allergy tests indicated an allergy. According to my doc, it means I shouldn't have it more often than once every 4 days (unlike eggs & dairy, which I should avoid all the time). Lately I've been experimenting having it about once or twice a week in my favourite form: fresh, wholegrain, yeast-free bread. So far, so good.}

In tune with my feelings of keeping things simple, this message has been hitting home more and more lately: 


While on a working vacation in the lovely Okanagan, I have really been enjoying simple pleasures.

Here are some things I've been celebrating:

*fresh apricots picked right from the tree in the backyard

*swimming in the lake when it's mega-hot outside

*lemony things such as lemony drinks, lemon in salads, and lemon in water. So refreshing and cooling.

* the smell of flowers and tress on a warm-breezy night

*the occasional iced coffee on the beach (yum!) 

*watching the moon get fuller and fuller (today is full moon) 

*fresh berries in the morning

*Sunshine, lots and lots of it 


What things do you celebrate?