Happy Thanksgiving --- Pumpkin Pie showdown.

Hi friends,

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. I'm only so-so excited. And mostly because of the extra day off. Truthfully, growing up I never really was a fan of the whole "turkey dinner thing." I didn't really enjoy meat so much, and turkey was no exception. From a young age creamy things like whipping cream made me feel queasy. And cranberry sauce on top of turkey? YUCK! A true nightmare. Cranberry sauce as jam on bread---ok. As an overly sweet thing on top of meat--- no thanks. And I've never even really even tried stuffing. Mashed potatoes were just ok, and as for gravy, I could take it or leave it.  


The one thing I always did enjoy though, was my mom's roasted veggies. She bathed oven roasted carrots, turnips, & sweet potatoes in fresh herbs and lemon. Hmmmm... and people wonder why I enjoy macrobiotic cooking so much? I think I was just designed from the start to enjoy this way of eating.

I have another confession to make as well: I never really liked pie much. Especially pumpkin pie. But I think this was because I got sick one time after eating it, and I can only guess now that it was because of the giant pile of whipping cream on top. But alas, times have changed.

Pumpkin Pie Showdown 2012

Pumpkin pie sans whipping cream? Yeah, ok. Let's do it up. I do love a good pumpkin. 

I spent 6 hours in the kitchen yesterday. I made four different whole-grain gluten free & vegan pie crusts, and three different pumpkin pie fillings. I even roasted 2 sugar pie pumpkins to use instead of canned pumpkin puree in one of the pies.  


Two different thanksgiving dinners means everyone gets to sample two different pies each day. I want to get a feel for which recipe is the tastiest, so next year when I want to indulge in my pumpkin love, I know which one to make. The only downside to my method, other than the time and sweat,  is that I only had one pie plate, so I had to buy a few cheap aluminum ones. But, c'est la vie.

Sneak peak of yesterday's champion:


Please share with me: What's your favourite pumpkin pie recipe --- macrobiotic, vegan, or otherwise?