Macro Monday: Macro Diet & Supplements

I was just emailed this by a friend, and thought it was really interesting:

And that got me thinking about the place of supplements within the Macrobiotic Diet, and how to discern what are high quality supplements.

MM: Supplements in a Macro World

In Macrobiotics, generally speaking, the fewer supplements the better. We let food do it's work, and be the medicine we need. Properly chewed, nutrient dense food, that is.

But, sometimes, we may need a bit of extra help with specific remedies & treatments -- & these are usually food based too.

That being said, I'm an experimental person by nature, always reading health articles etc. & I have taken some supplements in the past for specific reasons, & still do take a  few supplements occasionally. I definitely believe that the fewer things the better, and I prefer to find a food alternative if possible. At the moment, I am currently taking a probiotic, some vitamin D every now & then (as Canada is quite north), a magnesium supplement and some vitamin B12 a few times a week.

I am very very picky about which supplements I will take, and read many reviews etc. before I'll try something. I'm also very aware of how each one affects my body. And once again, If possible, I prefer to get something I feel I'm missing from foods first.

What do I take & where do I get it? 

I am not here to recommend any specific supplements for you. That is a very personal decision, that only you should make! If you are considering taking them, I'd recommend researching, taking to people you know etc. This is just my experience .

My go to place for the best price & delivery rates on supplements & specialty foods/teas is:  iHerb.

I used this company while in Japan, and use it here in Canada now. The link above will take you to "my page" where I have listed some of the products I have tried. As you can see, many of the items I buy from iHerb are actually macrobiotic foods, teas, and bodycare products. Feel free to search around for anything your heart desires on the site...I bet they have it!

**{Please note: the links, or the coupon code ROP008 , are linked to my account, which also gives you $10 off your first order, and gives me some points to use as well--feel free to use it (thanks!) or not!}.

Here are links to the supplements I have taken /or do take:

Here are some natural foods that are powerful like supplements! : 

  • Ume Extract  - This is an amazing blood alkalizer (think amped up lemon water)
  • Dulse  - See my Macro Monday post on dulse for all it's amazing health benefits
  • Miso - natural probiotics! 
  • Natural Pickled Radish - again, probiotic power!
  • Greens Powder  - cleansing, detoxifying

Here are some natural & macrobiotic foods/teas: 

Some natural body care products that are awesome:


I really go through phases with supplements, and try to listen to my body to find out if I'm in need of anything. If I don't feel drawn to taking something, I don't. 


What kind of supplements do you take?  

Any thoughts on how supplements fit into Macrobiotics?