Calgary delights.

I just got back from a lovely weekend in Calgary (about a 3 hour drive south of Edmonton). 

Unfortunately I left my camera at home...but I had some incredible food while I was there. I was told by multiple people to visit The Coup and I'm very happy for the recommendation. I had the most delicious lunch I've had in a while:

  • Lemon Thyme Mint Iced Tea: really delicious combination of flavours, and not too sweet
  • I shared the Seaweed Salad: a bunch of greens, seaweed & edamame in a really yummy citrus sesame dressing ----> this one was wonderful, and it was really large :)
  • We all ordered the falafel quesadillas: really really delicious...super filling, and a wonderful combination of flavours. I was happy they had an option for brown rice flour tortillas. And, I don't usually eat any dairy, so the sheep feta in it was a real treat for me.
  • A few bites of the vegan & gluten free (chickpea flour crust) chocolate torte: this was probably the best v/gf chocolate torte i've ever had: it was not too sweet, the filling was a great texture, and the crust was amazing!

YUM!!!!  If you're ever in Calgary, be sure to stop there...I really couldn't decide what to order, as I wanted to try everything. Next time for sure though, i'll have a breakfast item (they serve breakfast until 3pm!).

Any yummy treats for you over the weekend?!