Hi friends,

Between yoga teacher training, and then covering some classes, life has been a bit hectic.

When life gets busy, I find myself looking to simple meals even more.

There have been lots of plates like these:


Whole Oats & Rice Mix served with simple steamed greens, daikon & carrots,


Veggie & Adzuki bean sauté served along side rice.


Short grain brown rice mixed with sweet brown rice (25%) cooked with wakame.

Served with steamed kale, carrots, and red radishes.


Roots & Shoots---red radishes & their greens, lightly boiled with a bit of shoyu.


Brown Rice, steamed veggies, and leftover

french lentil stew.

Food like this keeps me sane when life gets a bit crazy!

I a happy because I have been sticking to

my little spring clean up


Basically lots of whole grains (i've been loving millet like crazy lately!) and lots and lots of leafy greens amongst many other veggies, some lentils & beans, and a few sesame seeds here and there! 

Squash. carrots, and oats for the most part have been satisfying my sweet tooth. I've also enjoyed a few apples here and there.

I am going to plant my veggie garden seeds this weekend, and i'm very excited, and a bit nervous. I have never tried gardening before, so I am trying to send my little veggie seeds as much love as possible and hope that everything goes well.

What have you been eating lately?

Have you ever gardened before?