Happy Sunday

Hey friends ♥

Just a quick hello! This weekend I am taking another training for yoga teachers, so I have been very busy and a  wee bit tired. But, it's a wonderful tired, of course. Nothing like intense practice for 3 hours in the morning...phew. Good thing I've been getting up early and having a lovely bowl of millet porridgefor fuel. Delicious! I've been packing up my rice and veggies and a thermos of kukicha tea for lunch everyday.

Happy news---Last week T and I got bikes from a bike commuters place where they fix up donated I got mine for a whopping $50, and T got a sweet old-school road bike for less than $100. Pretty fantastic!

We've been riding them around as much as possible.

I'll be back next week!!

What's new with you?? 

Do you have a bike / enjoy bike riding?