Sneak Peek

Not much time today, but wanted to say hi!

I just got back inside from digging up my lawn to start the process of gardening!

It was lovely to work up a sweat after a nice big bowl of oat & rice porridge for breakfast.

Last week I made something really yummy.

Sneak Peek

I'm still working on the recipe, but rest assured that there will be one in the near future.

I'm definitely not complaining that I need to test a new pudding recipe a few more times ;)

I've been feeling pretty good, and can't believe that it's already been almost a month with no refined sugar, stevia, chocolate, and coffee (even decaf). I'm still having no cravings for these things, which makes me really happy---to be honest, I really can't believe it!  A few apples here and there, and the occasional bit of brown rice syrup have been more than enough to satisfy my dwindling sweet tooth. I'm also currently having a love affair with kabocha, and also stewed veggies. Plenty of natural sweet taste there!

I've also made it a week now with no store bought almond milk, and am surprisingly not missing it too much. I tried one recipe for brown rice milk, and wasn't really happy with it, so the quest continues. Today I just blended up a tiny bit of leftover oats with water and added that to some was ok. Not great, but sufficient.

I've been feeling pretty energetic for the most part. For a few days I had a very sensitive stomach area, and felt a bit of pain under my right rib cage...only until after it was gone, did I realize that this was probably my liver! Guess it was reacting to me being gentle on it by cleansing a bit strongly? In any case, that's passed and everything's fine now.

Am about to go do some yoga, and then make some lunch...perhaps some Soba!

Have a lovely rest of your day, friends!

Did you make any changes to your diet/lifestyle for Spring, and if so, how is it going?