Dinner Party

Hey friends, how are you today!?

I have been well, up & down, and all over the place. New moon is in a few days (low energy, grounding time) so perhaps that explains the bit of tiredness and fatigue I've felt for the past few days. Could also just be that my body is clearing things out for the spring, and is a bit tired.  I'm fairly certain my body is letting go of emotions/toxins/stagnation (whatever you want to call it) from my liver. Sounds a bit strange, I know.  But i'm definitely experiencing some common "detox" symptoms (ugh, don't like the word detox). For example: the other day during my yoga practice, I got extremely sweaty --- but in a cold sweat kind of way, and felt really dizzy (this has never happened to me before). Also, I generally have pretty clear skin, but for a few days it was really bad. It's all gone now (thankfully!). And like I said, I've been feeling great, but with random bursts of anger...I've read that if there are energetic blockages in the liver, anger can become trapped there. So, I feel relieved to know i'm helping my liver do it's thing and letting go of these stored emotions.

Simple lunch today, for the liver:

I've been trying to be extra kind to myself, allowing myself to rest if I need it, and just go with the flow.
And what better way to rest and enjoy life, than by having a dinner party?
T and I are having a few people over tonight, so I've been getting things organized since the late morning.
They are healthy eaters. Not macrobiotic, but i'm sure they'll be happy to try some new foods!

The Menu for tonight:

♥ French Lentil & Veggie Stew (i'll post this recipe soon, as i've found a version that I just love!).
♥ Sourdough bread --- organic, local, and wholegrain. From a super yummy french bakery near my place.
                                   They even mill their own flour fresh!
♥ Roasted Veggies (kabocha, beets, Japanese sweet potato, and fennel).

♥ Dessert: Tahini Custard from one of Aveline Kushi's Cookbooks. To. Die. For.

I'll probably pass on the bread and the sweet potatoes (not so good for my belly's digestion), and we'll see about my willpower around the custard! (edited: I just sampled some as I was blending it, and it really is amazingly delicious).

I'll be back tomorrow with a few pics of the food (if I don't forget).

Have a wonderful evening/day wherever you are.
On Friday I have a lovely guest post for you!