mmmmmmm. mustard.
Happy almost-end-of-the-week, friends!!

For this week's Thursday Things i'll show you something I just restocked, and something that I unfortunately won't be able to restock.

This is my favourite spread-type-condiment:

It's spicy and sharp tasting. Delicious in wraps or on a rice cake. Pretty decent ingredients too, as it's VERY hard to find vinegar and sugar-free mustard. Thank you, Sobey's grocery chain.
And here's one thing that unfortunately I won't be able to re-stock easily:

Delicious sencha (green tea) from Japan.!! It is super super very sad to see it dwindle down.
At least I can keep the pretty tin and refill it with some other tea.

Oh, and rumour has it that there might be another brown rice how-to coming up soon!!!

Do you eat mustard? What's your favourite brand?