I'm back.

In Canada, that is.

And to be perfectly honest, I am really really happy. 
Perhaps more happy than I have been in years.
Not all of this is because of Japan. I have been doing some serious digging lately, and some self-discovery.

People have been asking me, "How was Japan!?" 
My answer: it was everything.
It was great. And it was horrible. I had fun. And there were things that really tore me up and didn't agree with me. I guess that is to be expected when you are actually living somewhere instead of just visiting.
That is probably the truth about living anywhere. 

Things I loved about Japan:
*The scenery
*the food ---> the ingredients available for my macrobiotic taste buds, and the restaurants too.
*the intricate and detailed history that goes into EVERYTHING there (there are deep reasons behind everything, including the time of the year you change clothes, to the type of food you eat in each month).
*the granny bicycles with baskets
*living right by the ocean
*living in the country and the quiet evening walks
*gorgeous gorgeous cafes and shops and stationery.

Things I love about NOW, being home:
*obviously, access to my family and friends!
*YOGA. Oh my yoga. My studio. My teacher. Classes. My practice. My yoga family and community.
*being able to work the job I missed for two years: teaching yoga (more posts on this to come)
*my new kitchen in my new house:  

I really missed having an oven...and SPACE!  
And the blue and the windows make me really happy.

* Natural Food Stores---> being allergic to eggs, dairy, and wheat can be difficult, and the abundance of health food stores here is a happy happy thing. Not that I wasn't able to eat well in Japan. But now, if say, I want some gluten free vegan quinoa chocolate chip cookies *cough cough* I can buy some.

I have spent August moving into our new place (the main floor of a house we just love), spending lots of time with my friends, and adjusting to being back in Canada. I was also welcomed with open arms back into my yoga studio, and have been loving practicing and being there. I will start teaching there in a few weeks, and am beyond grateful and excited. I went to a yoga retreat in the mountains for a weekend, which was just pure bliss, and now I met up with my guy (haven't seen him since we left Japan--->he went to his hometown to visit his parents). They live in the Okanagan in Canada, which is a really nice relaxing place. Warm weather and fresh cherries, apricots, peaches and pears. Enough said. Next week i'll go visit my Nana on the West Coast. And then it's back to starting a regular life. I really can't wait.

The past two years in Japan have helped me take yoga off the mat and into my life.
I am so excited to be back, and to be starting a new phase.

I have missed all of you, and am enjoying catching up on some blog reading's kind of nice to have 2 months of blogs to read. Best summer reading material ever!

What's new with you? 

Big hugs to you all,