Sweet and simple.

Here are few shots from my favourite place to eat.
It's a macrobiotic restaurant I found last year.
So yummy, and so sad to be leaving it when I go home!
I usually order the macro plate, unless the main dish is wheat gluten based
(unfortunate wheat allergy).

Tofu with fresh salsa on lettuce.

Really yummy pressure cooked rice topped with black sesame.

Miso soup.

Lotus Root and something else.... yum!

In the winter I was in a good swing trying new recipes from my macro book.
Lately though, I have been a bit busy, so I've been keeping the meals at home simple.
For grains: Brown rice, and sometimes quinoa, millet or oats.
In the veggie department: fresh spring salads or steamed veggies, and a few stir frys. 
Lots of greens, carrots, daikon, and broccoli.
For protein: some tempeh, tofu, or beans (often sauteed with greens).
Fat: sunflower seeds, flax, olive oil, chia seeds (thanks Dad!), or a sesame oil.
Simple foods are sometimes the best, aren't they?
Take some time today to breathe!