Just popping in.

Hey friends.
Can you believe that it's June already!?
Time is flying by. My time left here is going quickly.
I really can't believe that I haven't been home to Canada in 2 years.
So bizarre!!  Thank goodness I have a squirrel friend who puts up photos,
otherwise I might forget what Canada even looks like!!!
There are definitely some things I will miss like crazy when I'm back.
For example, this delightful lunch feast:

Macrobiotic lunch set!

Personal Steamed Veggie basket (including okra, japanese sweet potato,
daikon, cabbage, carrots,  bell peppers and tomatoes)

Dippage for the veggies: shoyu +  sesame, and sea salt

Of course, some miso soup.

And you can never have too much brown rice.

And to finish off the meal:
Whole wheat apple crumble, with fresh soy icecream. No sugar! 

And something to ponder:
Do you know what you really want, but aren't going after it?
Put your idea out there.
The only thing stopping you is your mind.
If you believe you can do it, you can!
Big hugs from Japan. Hope all is well in bloggy-land.