A (real) man's breakfast.

So my guy has been totally digging brown rice for breakfast.

In the winter months, he ate brown rice with umeboshi and sesame, miso soup, and a fried egg every morning.

These days, he has been on a new, Korean-inspired, breakfast kick.

Let me introduce you to the dainty pig household's kimchee Bibimbap!

Here's what you need:

- some cooked brown rice *we save leftovers from dinner

- kimchee

- shoyu (soy sauce)

- mirin (rice cooking wine)

- sesame seeds

- cooking oil or butter

- 1 egg

I forgot to take photos of all the steps, sorry.

1. Heat up a pan and add some cooking oil (we like sesame oil).

2. Throw the brown rice on and cook for a while (~3 minutes?).

3. Add in a splash of shoyu, let it cook in until absorbed.

4. Add in a splash of mirin, let it cook in until absorbed.

5. Crack an egg on top and mix it in, stirring it around.

6. After the egg cooks for a few minutes, get the kimchee ready. We just eyeball it, stirring in about 2-3 heaping tablespoons?

7. Last step is adding in some sesame seeds, about a tablespoon.

Eat hot, and enjoy your spicy, protein, fibre, and calcium packed breakfast!


I can't eat egg, but I love kimchee and enjoy it on top of brown rice quite regularly.

Fermented foods are great for your belly, and are an awesome way to start your day off.

When you order a bibimbap in a Korean restaurant, they serve it to you in this piping hot bowl, with the raw egg just cracked. You need to stir it all around to cook the egg. The bottom gets all crunchy, and is amazing (so I've heard!). There are usually some veggies like garlic scapes and cabbage in there too. You can choose kimchee style like the one we make, or sometimes other ones with meat etc.

Have you ever had a bibimbap?

Do you like Korean food?