Have you ever tried adzuki beans?
I just love them! They are used in pretty much everything imaginable here: 
icecream, bread, muffins, fillings for mochi and cake, and in savory dishes. 
They are often referred to as red beans.
But, I think my favourite way to enjoy this is simply cooked in with brown rice. 
They add a slightly sweet flavour, and are very very earthy, in a good way.

According to this site, adzuki beans are high in:
- magnesium
- B vitamins
- Zinc
- Copper
-  beneficial to your kidneys and bladder.

I layered brown rice, then 10% (of the volume of rice) adzuki beans, 
then the rest of the brown rice in the rice cooker.
Carefully pour in water to not disturb the layering.
Add some high quality salt.
Cook and enjoy.
I served mine up with some mixed veggie and edamame stir fry.
Love love love daikon!

Have you ever eaten adzuki beans?
I had only ever tried them out of can in Canada, before coming to Japan.
What's your favourite way to eat them: savory or sweet?
I really do like them both ways. Inside mochi is amazing!