Stir fry.

I haven't just been eating cake around here.
Although, believe me, I'd like to.
I've been enjoying regular meals, including brown rice, some sort of veggies, 
and sometimes beans.
I've also been really loving stir frys.
My quick go to version is:
1-2 t sesame oil
lots of fresh minced ginger
throw in some carrots and daikon.
let them cook for a bit.
then add in a whole whack of chopped different fresh greens or cabbage
pour in a bit of shoyu diluted with some water
then add in some broccoli
But occasionally I add in tofu.
I found this super firm delicious tofu in the store the other day. I'm pretty sure it's locally made, and really fresh. It's almost as thought it's pre-pressed.
This time, I added in some toasted sesame oil too, and sauteed the tofu in with the rest of the veggies.
Delicious, and super fast.
Do you like stirfrys?
They have become my super fast regular meal. I eat them at least twice a week.

What protein do you put in them?
Sometimes I add in beans, or even some shrimp that I saute with lemon and cayenne on the side.

What do you use for flavour? Spices?
I pretty much always put in fresh minced ginger. 
Toasted sesame oil gives a great flavour too. Also, I often use shoyu. 
Sometimes I use black pepper or cayenne pepper too.