Thai heaven.

Hey guys.
I wanted to bring some thai food to a party, so I stepped out of my comfort zone.
 I made a new recipe.
It was one of Averie's.

I also kind of mixed it with this recipe because I wanted to use some fish sauce and rice 
noodles for a more thai flavour.
I made the peanut sauce in Averie's recipe, but used a bit of honey for the sweetener instead, and also added a bit of rice vingear with the apple cider vinegar. I forgot to take a photo of the sauce though. Sorry!
I love the colours in this type of food!

They were super yummy, and well worth the work of rolling the wraps.
Have you ever made fresh spring rolls?
First time for me!
Do you like Thai food?
Love it! It's my favourite to eat out at, because the curries are often dairy-free.