Breakfast Masterpiece

So remember the other day when I picked up some new goodies at the restaurant supply store?
And remember how I have been loving my creamy buckwheat hot cereal?
Well, I have one more secret. I got something else in the mail.
What did you get dainty pig? 
Why, two jars of heaven, that's what.
Coconut butter. Hell yeah. 
My coconut oil ran out, so I bought this instead. Good choice.
And, a new-to-me nut butter. 
Artisana's Cashini butter.
For the record, cashew+tahini = yummy.
So, where was I?
Oh yes, a glorious breakfast masterpiece, of epic proportions, using some of my new finds.
Try this, you won't regret it:
*creamy buckwheat cereal (I used 1/2 cup, cooked in 2 cups water).
*Topped with: coconut butter, frozen berries, and some dried coconut flakes.
Pure heaven, I tell you.

Have you ever tried creamy buckwheat cereal?
Do you like nut butters? Which one is your favourite?