Isn't it so nice...

to be able to eat out at a restaurant, where you DON'T have to be picky and ask for substitutions? Where they offer plenty of vegan, whole-grain, and macrobiotic based foods?
A few weekends ago, we went for a drive through the mountains to a Macrobiotic Cafe called Magnolia. It was a delightful drive, with twisty turny (turney?) roads, through bamboo forests and rice fields.
The cafe itself was easy to spot, a nice old western-style farmhouse. Behind it was a great view of the mountains. 
We walked in, and there was a nice gas heater in the middle of the room, with a kettle on top bubbling away to keep the room humid.

We sat at a thick wooden table, with comfy chairs. 
To our right was the small kitchen where we could see the two wonderful cute lady chefs cooking away. In front of them were some low-lying shelves and counters, lined with macrobiotic foods. Umeboshi plums, miso, whole-grains and their flours, unsalted nonoiled raisins, almonds, and cashews. Some dried seaweeds. Some kukicha tea, and soup stock. Wonderfully delicious tempeh... we had fun browsing while our lunches were cooking.
I decided on the Macro lunch plate. It came with: onion miso soup, brown rice, salad, beans, and some roasted lotus root and veggies. It was yummy yummy.
My guy chose the wheat-gluten sandwich and salad, and so did one of my friends. They said it was great!
My other friend chose the pasta, but I forgot to get a photo...oops!
For dessert, my friend and I both enjoyed the tofu and walnut cheesecake (to die for!). I forgot to snap a photo of dessert on our plates, but here they all are in the cooler.
My guy enjoyed the chocolate cake. I think this was the winner. It was so dense and rich, but not very sweet.
My other friend chose the special of the month: brown rice roll cake with strawberry and amasake. It was delicious! The cake was made of brown rice flour and was really spongy.
In my city in Canada there were no macrobtioic restaurants, and very few vegan only restaurants. And actually, I think in Canada in general, there are not many macrobiotic restaurants. For any Canadians out you know of any macrobiotic restaurants in Canada? I love to visit Vancouver and the island, and maybe one-day I'll make the trek to Toronto.
In any case, Japan is a glorious place to eat out. They do food so so well in this country. I am located in what feels like the North West Territories of Japan (kinda isolated). But that being said, there are even two Macrobiotic restaurants within an hour of me! And don't even get me started on the big cities like Kyoto and Tokyo. For me, Kyoto was like a dreamland. So many delicious vegan and macrobiotic restaurants, and some kick-ass yoga. I will for sure miss the abundance of local foods, and the delicious cafes in this country when I return.
What are your favourite places to eat?
In Japan so far, my favourite restuarant was in Kyoto. It was called Biote.

Do you mind asking for special dishes and options when eating out?
I hate being picky, so I do my best to find something on the menu that I can eat with minimal requests. 
But, that being is difficult sometimes to find things on the menu, and then asking for them, 
especially here in Japanese ;)