Busy as a bee, cooking all week.

Hey Guys.

It's been a busy busy busy week, but have been enjoying some more yummy recipes:
  • Millet & Squash miso soup.
  • Stewed kelp, burdock & carrots.
  • More nishime-style veggies.
  • Wakame with a sour-tofu dressing.
  • Broccoli with the same sour-tofu dressing.
  • Brown rice and lentils
  • Red lentil dhal cooked with celery, burdock, carrots, and parsley
  • Pinto beans with a bit of cayenne and cumin
And of course, some yummy desserts, all sugar and even brown rice syrup free:
  • Amazake Apple Pudding
  • Tahini Custard
Hope to be back here later in the week with some photos and recipes.
I have really been enjoying cooking more, and broadening the scope of my macrobiotic-oriented food choices beyond brown rice, steamed veggies, seaweed and occasional beans. Although, as Averie always says, it's not necessarily a rut --- it's a groove. Steamed veggies are nice and quick and healthy. Now though, with no central heating, and lots of local root veggies, soups and stews are calling to me...and some yummy comforting puddings and rice-based desserts.
And just a few things I have been working on: As of Dec 27th I have had no caffeine (in the form of black tea and coffee), no soy milk (upsets my belly), and no refined sugar (including chocolate!). My first taste of cocoa was yesterday, when I made a hot cocoa with a bit of almond milk and water, as I was freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold afterschool. It was yummy.
Next up for me is cutting down on almonds. Maybe it's the winter, but for whatever reason, I have been acting like a little snacking squirrel, filling my cheeks with probably a few too many almonds :)
I'm sure chocolate will be back in my life at some point, but right now we are on a break, and it feels good to change things up.
Are you in any food GROOVES right now?
Or are there any that you easily sink into?