Eating involves all your senses

Including the visual!

One thing I will surely miss when I leave Japan, is the effort people put into presentation.
At most restaurants, the food is so pretty it is almost a shame to eat!
Looking at food, and enjoying it's beauty, and the way it is presented puts you in a great mindset to truly enjoy a meal!
Here are but a few pretty presentations, more to come in the days that follow.
These are from my favourite cafe in town (it specializes in vegan muffin and scone, baked with no added sugar):

hot ginger tea with a sweet potato scone

tea time plate

cute teapot and tray

the cutest little rice milk pourer ever!
Things like this inspire me to take the time to beautify meals!
Do you find the time to make things look pretty? I always want to, but it is not yet a priority. Soon though, I hope!