One of my favourite ingredients:

Japanese Mushrooms!
The mushrooms in Japan are the tastiest I've ever had! In the produce section of almost every grocery store, you can find at least 5 different types of mushrooms. The larger ones at the front of the photo are giant shitake mushrooms (I can't remember the names of the ones at the back, but they are delicious). There are usually at least 3 different types of shitake mushrooms alone! I also love maitake and enoki mushrooms. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
I use mushrooms all the time in cooking. They are a staple in quick stirfrys. And lately about once a week, I have been making thai green curry. We use lots of mushrooms, and don't need anything else!

I have also enjoyed making a simple creamy vegan mushroom sauce:

  • heat ~1tbsp sesame oil in a frying pan
  • Add in a whole bunch of mushrooms (I usually use about 3 packages of musrooms, about the amount shown in the photo)
  • Saute away.... adding in some pepper and a pinch of salt
  • If you like, you can also add in ~2 TBSP of nutritional yeast to give the sauce a cheesy flavour
  • Once the mushrooms have cooked down, add in 1/2-1 c. of milk, or a milk alternative. I have tried it with soy milk
  • Let the milk boil down
  • Serve on top of brown rice

Do you like mushrooms? What's your favourite mushroom recipe?