Is there anybody out there?

I am definitely an all or nothing kind of gal. I don't do moderation well, naturally.

I read awhile back, in some yoga book (can't remember, my bad) that yoga is not for the person who wants to eat the whole cake, or none at all <---- me: "oh shit."


But, I have tasted this concept of not too much, and not too little. And the moments where I can grasp it, breathe it in, savoring each inhale and exhale, the world does seem a bit softer and kinder.

As you may have noticed, the Dainty Pig has gone through some changes... namely me randomly showing up and then disappearing, and some changes to the design (still trying to relocate the dainty pig!).

For now, this renewal / revival of the Dianty Pig is going to be moderate. Not too much. Not too soon. Some eats. Some yoga. Some life. On somedays, but not everyday. Brown rice and veggies? Yes please. Chocolate and coffee too? Yes please, moderately. And lots of yoga and happy thoughts, and compassion towards myself and others.

I think that's it for now. I hope I haven't said too much ;).

(p.s. my mom came to visit, we took the ferry to Hiroshima... it was fun!).

Something to ponder: a quote from Wally Lamb's Book, The Hour I First Believed:

Beware! He who goes questing for what he wants may discover, along the way, what he needs.