No excuses!

So instead of the usual apologies for being absent for so long, today I decide to take responsibility, and make no excuses! Life has been busy, and while I thought my blog was something that I wanted to continually maintain and update, apparently when it comes down to it, it isn't. Now, that doesn't mean I never intend to post here again! I just need to get into the right head space, and WANT to do it! Which I guess, randomly is today.

Hrmm... let's see... what has been going on over here?
Well summer: that means lots of time outside, lots and lots of sweating in Japan, camping, reading lots of your blogs, reading yoga books, not feeling like eating much, sweaty sweaty sweaty (did I mention sweaty?) yoga practices here at home, and enjoying many home-brewed ice teas (and a few iced coffees as well...hey, i'm nowhere near perfect).

I find that somehow, I am lured and pulled off the macrobiotic path continually...yet I constantly return to it feeling like it is my true home. What made me feel comfortable with macrobiotics in the first place, was that it is not something so rigid, and only focused on a highly specialized way of eating. In fact, it is a way of living--- and one part of living is eating.

My diet, even when I am tempted and lured, is still very whole-grain, veggie based. For awhile there, when was it...March? All I was craving was meat...after ignoring it for a long time, I gave in. After eating a bit of meat I was so satisfied at first, but within a week I was grossed out, and for many months couldn't even stomach the thought of fish. Never again will I experiment in that direction.

Lately, I have been eating brown rice (this goes without saying), many veggies of all shapes and sizes, lentils, chickpeas, white beans, black beans, baked sweet potatoes...and some juicy summer fruits including cherries, apples, and a bit of watermelon here and there.

What I have been focusing my thoughts and energies on though, is to stop thinking about eating. I really enjoy food blogs, and love the interesting people I have connected with through this medium...but at times, I wonder if they fuel this little demon inside of me, that likes to obsess over food, and think about it all the time. Food is great. It should be prepared, and eaten with joy. I like to cook a lot... but I don't like what happens when I spend so much time thinking about food. So maybe that is why I have been avoiding posting for a while. I am a bit sick of food lately... and perhaps seeing the wise Salad Girl talk about it today made me realize what I wanted to say here, on this blog.

I am busy, and so I need to spend my energy (this includes thinking!) on things that are great for me. This includes spending time with my guy, and my ongoing pursuit of yoga. I do enjoy cooking and baking, and hope to still post my thoughts of macrobiotics here, and comment on food and recipes, but in my own personal life, less brain-time on food, more brain-time on well, life. But, part of my goal to stay in the moment and be present, is that when I am cooking and eating, to fully embrace it!

Here are a few photos of some mostly macro eats on various excursions around Japan, including my own kitchen.

I will leave you with a key to happiness that I have been pondering lately:

**Happiness is not external reality, but rather it is a mental state---which means we can CHOOSE it. If you want to be happy and blissful, let go, and allow it to happen. (on that same can only be unhappy if you allow yourself to be).