Orange ya glad it's almost the weekend?

Hey Guys :D

Okay, so first some business to take care of! So so so sorry if it has taken me a long time to respond to your emails. I thought my daintypig account was forwarding to my other inbox, but alas, it was not. Anyways, problem fixed. Please continue to email away!

Okay, so I had this whole post written, and then my computer spazed and here I am. Back at square one, only this time not as pretty because I'm tired and annoyed, haha.

Okay, so I have been experimenting with macrobiotics in the kitchen!
In the past few weeks I had made and/or enjoyed...

*Millet patties (filled with yummy carrots, green onions, sesame and sunflower seeds)
*Tamari roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds (To die for. My guy T now regularly requests these, despite a so called hatred for pumpkin seeds).
*Brown rice, on their own, you name it!
*Buckwheat, oh how I love my whole grains.
*natto...nasty looking, but so good after you get over it

Expect some recipes and pics for these soon!

One more thing to discuss: ORANGES.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I am living in center of orange land here. My prefecture is famous for oranges. There are so many types of oranges! I had never even heard of iyokan or dekopon until recently! And those are just a few. Anwyays, today, 30lbs of fresh-off-the-tree oranges were delivered to me at school. Yes, you read right. 30lbs. A cute farmer guy that I help with english gave them to me as a gift. So nice, and let me tell you, I am so grateful for the generosity. But the thing is--T and I just finished a previous gift of giant orange bag. And you all know that I don't do so well with fruits, just like a certain almond-butter-eating gal.

So what to do with so many oranges? I'm thinking there's an orange kanten dessert in my future. This is a plea to all you lovely readers for great orange-inspired recipes. Or perhaps just things I could throw oranges at? haha...

Coming soon
*how to bathe like they do in Japan
*recipes with pics of recent macro eats
*my love for the japanese lunch box
*some yoga excitement

Until then, take care! And thanks for listening to me ramble about hormones--I really appreciate your opinions and thoughts. Keep em' coming!