To stay or not to stay?

That is the question, my friends.

I am leaning, 99.99999%, towards staying for another year.

I love my apartment, riding my bike everywhere, the abundance of seaweed and seafood, the hot jungle like summers, green tea galore, and being so close ocean. My job has both good and bad parts -- but I think that is just normal. It is a job after all. And my job is allowing me to pay off my debt, slowly but surely.

The biggest reason I want to return, is because I miss my yoga family. I miss having a yoga community to be able to practice with, and feel a part of. But perhaps this is a good challenge for me. Maybe I should take this a time to work on MY yoga. I can't help but think that I should not be so attached to my old yoga studio, and teachers. Attachment is not a good thing, from what I hear, anyways ;).

I also feel like returning home and then regretting leaving will me much harder than staying another year and wishing I had come home. It will be much harder to come back to Japan if I decide I miss it. And I do loooove my matcha (not my photo, sorry).

Any thoughts? Have you ever been in a similar position?